Søknadsfristen for å søke om Barentsplussmidler er 15. oktober

14.10.19 Natalia Kononova

This is a kind reminder for those who are planning activities with partners in the Norwegian – Russian Barents in spring semester 2020.


New  in this round is that applications for funding of projects exceeding 50 000 NOK will no longer be handled within our exchange programme.  Instead, these applications should be sent to the Norwegian Barents Secretariat (www.barents.no) by the Norwegian partner.

In this application round member institutions can apply for:

individual scholarships for students (exchanges for up to 6 months) individual scholarships for teachers (exchanges for up to 3 weeks) individual scholarships for administrative staff (exchanges for up to 3 weeks) scholarship for participation in summer/winter schools (1 – 3 weeks) organization of language courses (Sami, Norwegian or Russian) preparatory meetings related to development of joint projects/courses/modules/degrees funding of projects (up to NOK 50 000,-)

Please find the necessary application forms on the Barents Plus website (www.barentsplus.no) or contact project coordinator natalia.kononova@uit.no.


P.S. The announcement is made under condition that the Norwegian Barents Secretariat allocates funding for the project.


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