Newly employed foreigners participate at DWI- Debut Week International

14.01.20 Mari Buck

Newly employed foreigners at UiT took part at the DWI, Debut Week International, for the first time January 8 and 9, 2020.

For the first time, newly employed who have come to UiT from abroad were invited to receive a heartily welcome to UiT together with the international students as part of the Debut Week International. 43 invitations were sent out, comprising the newly employed from September 1 2019 untill the beginning of January 2020. 17 PhD-students and one post.doc., representing 9 different countries, turned up to the envent. Wednesday January 8 started with a welcome by pro-rector Wenche Jacobsen, followed by presentation of the staff at SIS, Seksjon for Internasjonalt Samarbeid, and the different student organisations, including TODOS, Tromsø Doctoral Students. We were 15 persons for lunch, and then there was a one hour session with presentation of the trade unions, UiT Arrangements againts sexual harassment&bullying, Arrangements for gender equality and diversity, EU's Charter&Code, and finally information about social activities at UiT. Thursday January 9 there were logistical presentations- by the Police about Immigration Issues, resources that the IT-department at UiT offers, and the resources available at the University Library. The session for the employed was rounded up by a lunch where we were 12 attandants.

We are happy to have received a positive response from several for inviting also newly employed foreigners at UiT to this venue. Many have come far to share their capacity with UiT, UiT already also has invested time and resources in this process, and we hope that the newly arrived find UiT a nice place to work at.

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