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Parking at Campus Tromsø

There are two types of parking at UiT in Tromsø: 
  • Regular parking, which can be used by all.
  • Parking on spots with student / employee rates. Only students and employess which have confirmed their status through Feide can use these rates.
Apcoa Parking is the service provider for parking services at UiT in Tromsø. To pay for parking we encourage employees and students to download the smartphone app Apcoa Flow, available in  App Store or Google play. The app is region locked to Norway, so you can either change your phone region, or you can use the website mobilparkering.com.  It is also possible to pay through the Apcoa parking website (mobilparkering.com), or through payment machines.
You can not park in areas where the sign states that it is a red or yellow zone. 


  • Employees and students with an electric car: 2 NOK per hour
  • Employees and students with a regular car: 5 NOK per hour
  • Visitors and guests: 25 NOK per hour (also valid for visitors with an electric car)

The parking fee applies for weekdays 7 am – 5 pm

Parking for people with disabilities

To be able to use a parking spot for people with disabilities you will have to apply for a verification from Tromsø municipal. Rates follow the regular prices for employees / students / visitors.

How to register as a user in APCOA Flow

  1. Download APCOA FLOW in App Store or Google Play, or go to the webpage mobilparkering.com.
  2. Create a user in the app.
  3. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code, which you´ll need to verify in the app.
  4. You´re now registered in the app.

How to register for UiT employee / student rates with Feide

    1. Go to «Parking benefit» in the main menu of the app Apcoa Flow or to the web page to register your status as an employee or student at UiT.
    2. Read and accept UiT’s terms and conditions.
    3. Register the vehicle you want to use. (If using a different vehicle than usual, this must also be registered under “vehicles”). Should you use a different vehicle you´ll need to register the car under «Vehicles».
    4. You´ll now be sent to FEIDE for authentication.
    5. By connecting your FEIDE-ID to the parking profile, you will gain access to student / employee rates.

Note: You will still need to activate the parking app / website each time you park.

Parking zones


Parking for students and employees: zone 6740
Visitors: zone 6739

EV charging station for students and employees: zone 6766

The Arctic University Museum of Norway

Parking for students and employees: zone 6742

Mellomvegen 110

Parking for students and employees: zone 6743
Visitors: zone 6743

The Northern Lights observatorium

Parking for students and employees: zone 6750

The Academy of Music and Drama

Parking for students and employees: zone 6733


There is private legal parking on UiT campus Tromsø in Breivika. 

      • Visitors, employees and students must pay when parking on the areas of UiT
      • UiT decides how parking should happen
      • Apcoa parking is responsible for enforcing the scheme
      • UiT can add, remove and modify parking spaces without permission of authorities in Tromsø kommune 

Employees of businesses located on campus Breivika  

Reference is made to the individual company for information on parking.   

Charging stations for electric cars  

For a fee of 15 NOK you can charge your electic car on campus. The maximum parking in the charging stations is 2 hours. Choose "El-bilparkering" on the map to find the charging stations.

MC, moped and scooter  

      • Can only park for free on signposted motorcycle area. 
      • Motorcycle area is only for MC, moped and scooter with two wheels. 
      • You do not need to register to park in signposted motorcycle areas.  


ATV shall park on regular car parking. Parking policy / prices are the same as for cars 


There are separate parking spaces for the press. Press cards are available in the administration building.   


Any questions about parking facilities at campus Tromsø in Breivika can be directed to parkering@uit.no.  

Any questions about supervision, signs and parking meters can be directed to Apcoa parking.

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