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Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is incompatible with a healthy work and study environment, and with UiT’s core values of credibility, academic freedom, closeness, creativity and commitment. Harassment is a form of abuse of power that simply cannot and will not be tolerated.


What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment means unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, or other conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of women and men at work. This can include unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct.

The essential characteristic of sexual harassment is that it is unwanted by the recipient, that it is for each individual to determine what behaviour is acceptable to them and what they regard as offensive. 

It is how sexual harassment is subjectively experienced that decides how it effects the life situation of the person involved.

Casual remarks, a darting look and slight physical contact are not sexual harassment unless they are perceived as such. It depends on the person and the circumstances. Sexual harassment occurs when a person uses his or her power to achieve advantages or suppress others.

Statements such as "there is no sexual harassment here" and "I wouldn't mind being sexually harassed" minimalize and cover up the problem. Sexual harassment may influence in a negative way the academic progress or career opportunities of those affected.


If you experience sexual harassment - do this:

- Tell somone you trust

- If possible, talk to Your line manager, the person responsible for the course or the lecturer

- Report

- If you can mange: Speak out - confront the person face to face

If you find it hard to come forward, we recommend you bring a friend or a person you trust. Reports on misbehavior will be treated confidentially.  


How to report sexual harassment 

Students at UiT should contact:

The Student Counselling Centre phone 77 64 90 50 counsellor@samskipnaden.no

Ombudsperson for students studentombudet@uit.no , phone: 977 13 040 

Dean or Director at your faculty

Svein Are Edøy, Legal Adviser at the University Director's Office, e-mail: svein.are.edoy@uit.no phone: +47 776 46 626 


Employee can get advice and support from:

The Occupational Health Service tromso@hemis.no , phone: 77 69 10 70

UiT safety representatives

Dean or Director at Your faculty

A manager you have confidence in

Svein Are Edøy, Legal Adviser at the University Director's Office,  e-mail: svein.are.edoy@uit.no phone: +47 776 46 626 


See also ”Reporting irregular conditions” in HR-portalen (requires login).


The manager’s responsibility

All managers are to act as soon as they are aware that sexual harassment has occurred. The manager is to make sure that the harassment is stopped. Reports of sexual harassment are handled in a good and proper way and in accordance with rules of non-disclosure of confidential information. 


If the person who reports harassment require anonymity and does nbot want his/hers Identity to be revealed to the person the report is about, UiT will respect this av far as possible.


The University top mangement will ensure that the person who reports harassment does not experiance any inconveniences or negative reactions or consequences after reporting sexual harassment or another kind of unacceptable behavior from employees or student. The University top mangement wishes to secure a healthy working and Learning environment at UiT.

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Sexual harassment – abuse of power that we don't tolerate