Choose your Abstract to discuss before July 2nd

We have received an all-time high number of submitted abstracts, and 69 have now been accepted for presentation. Each contribution will require one discussant. Please beware of the NHESG rule that all participant are expected to be prepared to act as a discussant. We practice a ‘first come, first serve’ principle. To make sure you get the opportunity to discuss a preferred paper, you do the following:

  1. Choose your preferred abstract to discuss from the Abstract File.
  2. Open the NHESG 2018 doodle and select the abstract you would like to discuss (Abstract numbers correspond to numbers in the Abstract document)
  3. If your preferred Abstract has already been taken by someone else, you shall have to choose among the available remaining abstracts. 
  4. Close your browser.

Contributions without discussant will be assigned a discussant from the pool of conference participants who have not volunteered for the task by July 2nd. Therefore, you have an incentive to be quick in grabbing your preferred paper to discuss.

Kind regards from the organizing committee

The deadline for full papers will be July 2nd. The deadline will be strictly enforced – papers not submitted in time will be considered withdrawn from the meeting. In the interest of the many participants who aim to read several papers prior to the meeting, we strongly encourage authors to submit concise rather than lengthy manuscripts.

Best student paper will be awarded at the meeting. The award is given annually to a student who is enrolled in a PhD program at a university in one of the five Nordic countries or in Estonia, or a young researcher who works with a research institute in one of these countries.