Venue and directions

The University of Tromsø is the northernmost university in the world, located in a lively multicultural city.

The University of Tromsø celebrates its 50 years anniversary in 2018. After a continuous increase in education programmes, the university has now more than 17,000 students and a total of 3,500 employees. The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a wide range of education programmes including medicine, psychology, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, as well as a masters programme in public health, MPH.

Klick here for map of camus.

The conference venue at the campus is 4.3 km from the city center, which is a 50 minutes walk according to Google maps. The reception at Polaria is just a 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The conference dinner at Fjellheisen is a 2.8 km walk from the city center, over the bridge to the mainland.

Getting around

Taxi in Tromsø

There are two taxi companies in Tromsø.

  1. Tromsø Taxi, phone no:               03011
  2. Din Taxi, phone no:                       02045

A taxi from the city center to the university will cost about 200 – 250 NOK. We have informed the taxi companies to be prepared for some extra demand in the morning of the 23rd and the 24th from the hotels where delegates stay.

If you arrive to the university by Taxi, you might enter the university on the 8th floor. If so, walk straight ahead and take the stairs one floor down. Make a right when exiting the staircase and the registration desk will be visible on your right hand side.

Buses in Tromsø

For general information, see Select the banner ‘Travel Planner’ to find bus schedules.

City Centre = Tromsø Sentrum

The nearest bus stop to the conference venue is UNN (= University hospital of Northern Norway), next to the Medical and Health building (MH) at the campus

If you plan to use the bus service, we suggest purchasing bus tickets from either:

  1. Wi-To AS. Marked with green circle in the top left corner on the map below.
  2. Downloading the app ‘Troms Mobillett’ on your smartphone and follow the instructions.

The bus company charges a premium if you purchase tickets on the bus, which makes the ticket price 50 NOK. Note that they only accept cash.

City Center – University of Tromsø

All busses from the city center to the university depart from the same platform; Fredrik Langes Gate, F4 - marked with blue circle on the map. The following busses will take you to the university:

Bus 20, with the text ‘Stakkevollan via UNN’

Bus 21, with the text ‘UNN’

Bus 34, with the text ‘UiT – UNN via Stakkevollvegen’

Normally, the journey takes about 10 minutes from the city center to the university. However, the semester starts just a week before the conference. This means possible delays, and we recommend anticipating about 20 minutes travel time. Whenever you arrive at the bus stop, a bus to the university should arrive within 10 minutes.

The majority of conference participants will stay at Clarion Hotel The Edge, marked with the red circle on the map. The hotel is located 300m away from the bus stop, and 400m from Wi-To AS.

The red line on the map marks the walk from the hotel to the bus stop. When exiting the lobby of the hotel, make a left on to Kaigata. Stay on this road, untill it ends, the bus stop will be the first stop on your left.

Note that all hotels in the city center is at a walking distance from the bus stop.

Bus stop, city center Foto: Google Maps

Exit the bus at the stop ‘UNN’ (The University Hospital in Northern Norway). The entrance is located 50m from the bus stop. Walk back where the bus came from, and it will be the first enterance on your right.

Once you enter the university, walk straight ahead and take the stairs one floor up and make a right once you exit the staircase. You will se the registration desk on your right hand side.

University of Tromsø – City Center

When returning to the city centre from the conference, walk back to the bus stop outside the University Hospital. The following busses will take you back to the city centre:

Bus 20 with the text ‘Kroken via sentrum’

Bus 21 with the text ‘Sentrum’

Bus 33 with the text ‘Fagereng via Sentrum’

City Center – Fjellheisen (Cable car)

The conference dinner on Thursday will take place at Fjellheisen restaurant located on the mainland. The simplest way to get to there, is to take bus 26 with the text 'Pyramiden', from the city center. On the map below, you can see the same locations as on the previous map (Clarion Hotel The Edge = Red, Bus stop to university = Blue, Wi-To AS = Green), as well as the platform where bus 26 leaves, marked with black, right outside the pizza restaurant ‘Peppes Pizza’.

The bus journey to the Cable Car takes about 10 minutes, and busses leave every 20 minutes. Make sure to arrive there around 18:30. The cable car takes 4 minutes up to the restaurant. 

City center - Cable Car Foto: Google Maps

For those of you who prefer a spectacular walk up to restaurant, you may take the stairs, recently built by sherpas from Nepal! 

The walk takes around 40 minutes, if you consider yourself to be relatively fit. Jan Håkon has volunteered as guide, if this is tempting to you. Contact him during the conference, or by mail before the conference at