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Who was best at reseach, teaching and dissemination in 2013?

It is time to nominate the candidates for the HSL Faculty’s honorary awards for 2013.

Pantcheva, Marina Blagoeva, 21.11.2013 13:45   (Last updated: 21.11.2013 13:52)

Each year, the HSL Faculty confers three honorary awards—the Research Award, the Teaching Award, and the Research Dissemination Award. The Faculty Management considers it important to highlight this activity—internally, to employees and students; and externally, to other professionals and the public at large.

All academic staff members have the opportunity to nominate a candidate. Students are encouraged to nominate candidates for the Teaching Award through their organization. The nominations must be accompanied by a brief justification and must be submitted to the respective Head of Department/Centre Director, who will pass it on to the Faculty Management.

The nomination deadline is 29 November 2013.

More information about the criteria for the different awards can be found here (in Norwegian).

Previous award winners

Research Award

2009 Professor Gillian Ramchand, CASTL
2010 Professor Narve Fulsås, Department of History and Religious Studies
2011 Professor Laura Janda, Department of Language and Linguistics
2012 Professor and Vice Dean Hans-Kristian Hernes, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning

Teaching Award

2009 Assistant Professor Torbjørn Isaksen, Department of Education
2010 Pre-school Teacher Education, Department of Education
2011 Assistant Professor Roar Anfinsen, Department of Philosophy
2012 No award

Research Dissemination Award

2009 Associate Professor Markus Buck, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning
2010 Professor Trond Trosterud, Giellatekno, Department of Language and Linguistics
2011 «Border Aesthetics»
2012 Associate Professor Rune Blix Hagen, Department of History and Religious Studies

The deans are looking forward to receiving many nominations.