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New course autumn 2018: Advanced mHealth systems and applications

Department of Computer Science, campus Tromsø, will in the autumn semester 2018 offer a course in Advanced mHealth systems and applications. The course is given as an master seminar (INF-3910-4) and as a PhD-course (INF-8207).

Jan Fuglesteg 31.07.2018 14:47   (Last updated: 01.08.2018 08:23)

Target group for this course is master and PhD level students, respectively. Exchange students may in certain cases take the seminars if they have the recommended prerequisites to take them. 

Professor Gunnar Hartvigsen, Department of computer science (UiT) will be responsible for the course. The language of instruction is English and all of the syllabus material is in English. The lectures will be the same for both courses. One of the mandatory assignments will be different for the PhD students comparing to the master level students taking the INF-3910-4 seminar.

Course content
This course covers advanced principles of mHealth (mobile health) systems and applications. The course addresses classic principles for design and implementation of mHealth systems and applications and discusses emerging mHealth trends from the international research front. Particularly, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Health Monitoring for different patients- and population groups
  • Motivational and persuasive techniques and mechanisms in mHealth for different patients- and population group
  • Self-management systems in mHealth for people with chronic conditions and NCDs
  • Evaluation criteria for mHealth systems and applications
  • Reducing diagnostic errors through the use of mHealth systems and applications

Course objectives and other course info:
INF-3910-4 Computer Science Seminar: Advanced mHealth systems and applications 
INF-8207 Advanced mHealth systems and applications

If you have professional / technical questions you can contact Professor Gunnar Hartvigsen.

Time tables
The time tables for the two courses are the same: INF-3910-4 / INF-8207

The allocated time table for the two courses will not collide with lectures / study groups for the following computer science courses: NF-3200 and INF-3201.

Master level students on a 2- or 5-year master program in computer science at UiT must register for the exam through the Studentweb as soon as possible and no later than September 1st 2018. Internal PhD-students at UiT can also register through the Studentweb.