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Guest lecture Thursday November 7th 2019 at 12:15. Title: "The architectural design of a nationwide 5G Network" - Research Scientist Andres Gonzalez, Telenor, Norway

Research Scientist Andres Gonzalez, Telenor, Norway will Thursday November 7th 2019 at 12:15 - 14:00 hold a guest lecture titled The architectural design of a nationwide 5G Network. Place: REALF B203 (Lille Aud), Campus Tromsø.

Jan Fuglesteg 11.10.2019 08:56

Target group: Computer science students, employees at the department

Professional (academic) contact person is Professor Anders Andersen.



Date: Thursday November 7th, 2019 12:15 – 14:00
Place: REALF B203 (Lille Aud), Campus Tromsø
Title: The architectural design of a nationwide 5G Network
Lecturer: Research Scientist Andres Gonzalez, Telenor, Norway

This lecture is focused on the architectural principles to design a nationwide 5G Network.

There are three main references for this lecture. First, the related ongoing efforts on standardization bodies such as 3GPP, MEF, ETSI-NFV, ETSI-ZSM. Second, the architectural design elaborated by Telenor for the Norwegian Facility in the EU-H2020 5G-VINNI project. Third, some of the architectural plans for the Telenor 5G network implementation during the coming years.

This lecture is structured in six parts. First, an introduction of the new requirements and enabling concepts behind 5G are presented. The second part deals with the overall description of a 5G architectural design, where several aspects go beyond current implementation plans, and hence research activities will play a relevant role. Third, technical details of the most relevant 5G network domains (RAN, Transport and Core) will be explained. In the fourth part are illustrated the existing management and orchestration challenges to achieve the 5G vision, and how they are addressed by standardization bodies and real implementation projects. The fifth part provides a brief understanding on how the new expected 5G-services can be specified and offered in the context of the technical concepts previously described. Finally, the lecture concludes by providing a summary of the main points to be considered in a 5G architectural design, the 5G roadmap to follow in the coming years, and the challenges that need to be addressed.

Andres Gonzalez (Telenor, Norway): Andres Gonzalez is Research Scientist at Telenor Group since 2013. He received his PhD in Telecommunications from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU in 2013, and his Master in Telecommunications Engineering from The National University of Colombia and the Vienna University of Technology in 2008. He is currently part of the team in charge of exploring next generation technologies towards the deployment of 5G and beyond in Telenor, working on the elaboration of architectural design, research projects and proof of concepts. He is also working on the design and implementation of the Norwegian Facility in the H2020-ICT-17-2017 European Community 5G-VINNI project. His main focus areas are 5G, NFV, SDN, and Network Slicing, as well as the analysis of dependability issues in emerging network technologies, analysis and simulation of fault tolerant systems, dependability modelling, failure data processing and analysis, and reliable networks design. Andres is an experienced speaker and have taken part in several academic and commercial conferences, as well as other venues, and he is member of the Board of the Telenor 5G-vLAB.