Centre for Sami Health Research in the Media

In recent years, there has been a focus on violence and abuse in Sami communities. Estimates of the prevalence of violence and abuse are based on data from the SAMINOR 2 Questionnaire Survey, which was collected by the Centre for Sami Health Research. Links to some of the articles:


On the occation of the Sami National Day, the Norwegian Diabetes Association focused on the prevalence of diabetes among Sami: Mye diabetes i den samiske befolkningen (in Norwegian). 6/2 2018.

Det var en gang et samefolk som ville våke over egen helse (in Norwegian). Academic director of the CSHR, Ann Ragnhild Broderstad, has written a post on the Faculty of Health Sciences' blog. 27/12 2017.

Hvorfor er det mer diabetes i samiske områder? (in Norwegian). Interview with Ann Ragnhild Broderstad, Academic director of the CSHR and Head of the SAMINOR Study. 6/2 2017.

Verdens sunneste kjøtt? (in Norwegian). Our researcher, Ammar Eltayeb Ali Hassan, was interviewed by Nordlys. 1/12 2016.

17th–18th November 2016 the CSHR arranged the conference «Gozihit dearvvašvuođadili – Våke over helsa» ("Watch over Health"). This resulted in media coverage (in Norwegian):

Samer og andre urfolk lever kortere (in Norwegian) NRK Troms and Finnmark 26.04.2016  

Alarmerende funn - Nesten hver tredje mann og kvinne som deltok i Helse- og livsstilsundersøkelsen 2013 i Storfjord lider av fedme (in Norwegian) iStorfjord 06.04.016

Reinkjøtt ut i verden - What do the British say about eating reindeer meat? The Atlantic Dec 23 2014

NRK Oddasat TV asks about obesity in Sapmi and has invited Ann Ragnhild Broderstad in studio (Nov 11 2015). She is Academic Director at CSHR and Head of SAMINOR.

NRK Sápmi (published Nov 4 2015). - Her sliter mange med fedme og diabetes. Presentation of the report from the SAMINOR 2 Clinical Survey in Kautokeino.

NRK Sápmi (published Sep 17 2015). - Det er få forskjeller når vi sammenligner samer og ikke-samer. Launch of publication of collected popular science articles during the Science Week in Finnmark.

Opportunities for collaboration on Indigenous health research and education

On August 22 and 23, the Centre for Sami Health Research (CSHR) hosted Associated Dean Donald K. Warne from the University of North Dakota (UND) and Professor Pål Davidsen from the University of Bergen (UiB) as our guests. During two productive days, we discussed opportunities for collaboration between our institutions.


Guest lecture by professor Donald K. Warne

Professor Donald K. Warne from North Dakota visits the Centre for Sami Health Research. We are pleased to welcome all to an open guest lecture August 22, 13:00-15:00, Auditorium 2, U6.A2A, MH East. Dr. Warne will give a lecture with the title “American Indian Public Health: History, Current Issues, and Promising Practices”. Welcome! Read more HERE.


Collaboration within indigenous research and education

Visit from Australia and New Zealand