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NorStruct Seminar: Life Science at MAX IV

Where: NorStruct lunch room, Forskningsparken
When: 23.01.18 09:15

Prøveforelesning - Tine Nilsen

Where: Lille Aud (B203) Realfagbygget
When: 23.01.18 10:15

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ERC Starting Grant to Jana Jágerská Dr. Jana Jágerská at the Department of Physics and Technology has received a prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.

Micro;bit på skolelaboratoriet Blinkende hjerter på skjermer, hoppende barn og masse musikk. Slik var tilstanden på skolelaboratoriet da vi fikk besøk av Zach Shelby, daglig leder i selskapet Micro; bit denne uken.

Past and present methane seepage on the continental shelf Read more about the PhD work of Simone Sauer in this CAGE article.

Climate debate - streamed Now you can watch the climate seminar: Unburnable fossil reserves - is further exploration for arctic oil and gas legal and compatible with the two-degree target?

Exploration of seabed methane seeps around Svalbard For the first time, an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has been used in the exploration of methane cold seeps from the seabed in areas around Svalbard.

Oil Drilling Under the Northern Lights Entails Unexpected Challenges It may sound strange, but northern lights and oil drilling are affected by the same phenomenon. Inge Edvardsen has studied challenges in drilling arising where the northern lights dances above the landscape.

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