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At the roof of the Science building ( Realfagbygget) 19 solar panels are mounted. They producean an suprisingly amount of power and you can follow the enery production from day to day at this page:
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Naturvitenskapelig lunsjseminar (Tromsø)

Where: Store Aud, Realfagbygget
When: 25.10.18 12:00

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Deglaciation of the northern Svalbard margin Oscar Fransner has studied the role of different glacial / non-glacial sedimentary processes in shaping the glaciated continental margin of the northern Barents Sea. 

Time travel through methane seeps, using tiny time capsules 24.000 years ago, the greenhouse gas methane started seeping from the Arctic Ocean floor northwest of Svalbard. And it is seeping still. New PhD thesis from CAGE sheds light on this event using minuscule time capsules.

Oases of life close to enormous methane plumes on the otherwise barren Arctic Ocean seafloor New PhD dissertation from CAGE shows that methane derived carbon is a crucial part of the food web of the Arctic Ocean. It sheds new light on unique animal assemblages discovered thriving in the darkness close to cold methane plumes

Tenk strategisk når du søker ordninger i Horisont 2020 Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia fikk ERC Starting Grant som fersk forsker ved UiT - Norges arktiske universitet. Han har utviklet et supermikroskop og fått ERCs "Proof of Concept" til kommersialisering. Nå ser han til Samfunnsutfordringer-pilaren i Horisont 2020, der mulighetene til å lykkes er større – og finansieringen god.

The collapse of a giant A new study published in Solid Earth, the European Geosciences Union’s Open Access journal

ERC Starting Grant to Jana Jágerská Dr. Jana Jágerská at the Department of Physics and Technology has received a prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.

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