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Rektors sommerfest

Where: Norges Fiskerihøgskole
When: 20.06.18 13:00

ARCEx Annual Conference 2018, Svalbard 9-11 October

Where: Radisson Blu Polar Spitsbergen in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
When: 09.10.18 15:00

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Time travel through methane seeps, using tiny time capsules 24.000 years ago, the greenhouse gas methane started seeping from the Arctic Ocean floor northwest of Svalbard. And it is seeping still. New PhD thesis from CAGE sheds light on this event using minuscule time capsules.

Oases of life close to enormous methane plumes on the otherwise barren Arctic Ocean seafloor New PhD dissertation from CAGE shows that methane derived carbon is a crucial part of the food web of the Arctic Ocean. It sheds new light on unique animal assemblages discovered thriving in the darkness close to cold methane plumes

Exploration of seabed methane seeps around Svalbard For the first time, an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has been used in the exploration of methane cold seeps from the seabed in areas around Svalbard.

A Well-Preserved Climate Archive Can Be Found in Ocean Floor Mud Data about the Arctic climate thousands of years ago can be found stored under the ocean floor, hidden in the shells of microscopic fossils.

Aleksey Portnov defends thesis on permafrost Congratulations to Dr. Portnov who recently defended his thesis Role of subsea permafrost and gas hydrate in postglacial Arctic methane releases.

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