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50 år med nordljoset / 50 Years of Northern Lights

Where: Store Aud, Realfagbygget
When: 22.02.18 11:15

NT-fak lunsjseminar

Where: Store Aud, Realfagbygget
When: 22.03.18 11:15

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Master's exam in Computer Science - Enrico Tedeschi Tuesday December 19th 2017 Department of Computer Science arrange Master's degree exam in computer science for Enrico Tedeschi. 

Spring semester 2018: Two elective computer science courses at master level is offered Department of Computer Science, campus Tromsø, will in the spring semester 2018 offer the courses INF-3910-2 Computer Science Seminar: Green Computing, and INF-3910-3 Computer Science Seminar: IoT services with LoRaWAN network and compatible embedded devices and sensors. 

Introduction to cloud computing and the Azure Datalake - Two guest lectures by Tor Kreutzer and Jan-Ove Karlberg, Microsoft Tor Kreutzer is a software engineer at Microsoft. He completed his M.S in computer science in 2012, and started working for Microsoft in 2013. Tor has since worked directly with many of Microsofts cloud environments, including SharePoint, O365 and Azure. Tor lives and works i Tromsø.

Reactive programming guest lectures by Dag Brattli, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Dag Brattli is a Senior Software Engineer within Outlook and Office 365 at Microsoft where he currently focus on reactive services and analytics. He holds a masters degree from the Department of Computer Science at the Arctic University of Tromsø. He is the author of the Reactive Extensions library for Python (RxPY).

Guest lecture: "Resource Allocation Auctions in Decentralized Systems with Untrused Users" - Dr. Amin M. Khan, Software Engineer at Pentaho Dr. Amin M. Khan, programvareutvikler ved Pentaho, vil holde en gjesteforelesning fredag 23. juni 2017 kl 11:15. Sted: Lille Aud (B203), Realfagsbygget, Campus Tromsø

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