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Disputas - Master of Science Marcel Lahrberg

Where: Auditorium 1.022, Teknologibygget
When: 11.12.19 12:15

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Chemistry is fun for everybody The Department of Chemistry drew large crowds at the Science Days 2017.

Chemistry without borders at the Science Days How does does a lava lamp work? Can you set your own hand on fire without hurting it? And what happens if you remove the shell of an egg and put it in syrup?

Hungarian - Norwegian Educational Project in Chemistry An EEA-funded, inter-institutional educational collaboration in chemistry was completed this month. The project has entailed a joint summer school and several exchange visits between departments in the field of organic chemistry. It was successfully realized through close collaboration between chemists at UiT and two Hungarian universities and has laid the groundwork for future joint educational and research projects

Metal Corroles on a silver knife-edge Abhik Ghosh and his collaborators at UiT were invited to the cover of an European journal. Read the intervju of the Tromsø-scientists.

Researching the World's Toughest Bacteria-"Conan the Bacterium" Super bacteria is an expert at repairing damaged DNA.  Kjersti Lian a reasearcher at UiT, is studying what allows these bacteria to survive.

Nobel Laureate Arieh Warshel visits Institute of Chemistry Warshel will serve as 1. opponent in the PhD defence of Geir Isaksen and give the Almlöf-Gropen lecture 2015.