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Samling for administrasjonen ved BFE i Harstad

Where: Harstad, UiTs lokaler
When: 28.02.19 07:00

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Planning together works better

Through marine spatial planning Scotland can better manage its seas and coasts, especially if done transparently and collaboratively.


Two talks at NFH: complex systems and (de) constructing futures Welcome to two presentations organised by the SimFish project, the BRIDGE research group at NFH, and the European Social Simulation Association Special Interest Group on Social Simulation and Serious Games.

Kick-off meeting for a new EU project BFE and its partners from Tromsø celebrated on Thursday the start of a new European Union (EU) funded project about marine resource management. The Norwegian College of Fishery Science has been involved until now in 12 EU projects and FarFish is the last one added to the family. The objective of this project is to improve the knowledge about fisheries management outside Europe and among the partners of FarFish there are Brazil, Cap Verde, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal and Seychelles.