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Head Engineer

Vogedes, Daniel Ludwig

Engineer "ArcticABC" project
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Job description:

"ArcticABC" project technician 

More informasjon about the ArcticABC project can be found here. I also have a personal page at the ARCTOS network here.




Research interests

  • Zooplankton distribution patterns in Svalbard waters
  • Variation in energy content of calanoid copepods
  • Feeding habits of little auks

Member of the ARCTOS research network


I do not have any teaching obligations at UiT, but I am requently active as field/teaching assistant for UNIS field courses:

AB202 - Marine Arctic Biology

AB320 - Arctic Marine Zooplankton

AB321  - Ecology of Arctic Marine Benthos

AB330 - Ecosystems in Ice Covered Waters

AB334 - Underwater Robotics and Polar Night Biology

Publications in CRIStin

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  • Publications outside Cristin

    A project financed by the Svalbard environmental fund. A little trip in the underwater world around Svalbard.

    Svalbard under water from Daniel Vogedes on Vimeo.


    Member of research group