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Jon-André Dalbakk

adviser/research assistant
Department of Psychology

Publications in CRIStin

  • Dahl, Tove Irene; Dalbakk, Jon-André. Whizzing through the high north: Motorists' psychological experience of the countryside :. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism 2015; Volum 15 (1-2). ISSN 1502-2250.s 8 - 28.s doi: 10.1080/15022250.2015.1015766.

  • Dalbakk, Jon-André; Dahl, Tove Irene. Signs for adventure along the way: Can road signs penetrate the bubble of travel by facilitating serendipity to enhance experiential wealth?. International Adventure Conference (sammendrag) 2016-10-19 - 2016-10-21 2016.

  • Dahl, Tove Irene; Dalbakk, Jon-André. Amundsen hadde ingen paraply i drinken: nøkkelen bak utforskende reiseopplevelser og lidenskap. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2015 ISBN 978-82-02-42894-5.s 95 - 107.

  • Dahl, Tove Irene; Dalbakk, Jon-André. The sign language of road trips: Guides to authentic cultural learning and understanding. International Adventure Conference (prosjekt) 2015-09-09 - 2015-09-11 2015.

  • Dahl, Tove Irene; Dalbakk, Jon-André. Are we an open book with blank pages? The psychology of road signs in the High North. Fag og forskningsseminar 2015-09-10 - 2015.

  • Study counsellor for:

    Psykologi - master
    Psykologi - bachelor