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Photo: Jon Terje Hellgren Hansen

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Magnus Lyngra

Student advisor for political science and visual anthropology
Department of Social Sciences

Job description:

Student advisor at the Institute for social sciences. 

  • Student advisor for the bachelor and master programmes in political science and for the master programme in visual anthropology
  • Administrator for the VISCAM project
  • Responsible for admissions for master in political science and master in visual anthropology
  • Responsible for EpN, publishing of courses, DBH, evaluations, recruitment and schedule planning for courses related to B-STV. M-STV and VIS
  • Secretary for the programme board for MPA, ORGLED og STV
  • Secretary for the proramme board for visual anthropology
  • Administrative procedures related to student administration
  • Responsible for Canvas at the institute

Fakultet for Humaniora, Samfunnsvitenskap og Lærerutdanning

Study counsellor for:

Statsvitenskap - nettbasert førstesemesterstudium
Visual Anthropology - master
Statsvitenskap - bachelor
Statsvitenskap - master