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Gunnar Sander

The Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Job description:

I teach marine resource management and coastal zone planning  (SVF-2501). In addition, I pursue research interest on ecosystem-based ocean management, shipping and environmental assessments.


Research interests

Ecosystem-based ocean management
Marine spatial planning
Ocean governance
Impact assessments
Human industries in the Arctic, particularly shipping, oil and gas, and fisheries 
Arctic governance



2019-01 - University lecturer/associate professor at NCFS

2017 Aug -  Dec: Research stay at Marine and Environmental Law Institute, Dalhousie University, Canada

2014-11 -  2018-12 PhD candidate at NCFS

1998 - 2014-10 Norwegian Polar Institute: Senior advisor, Environmental management section.  

2006-11 - 2009-03 European Environment Agency: Seconded national expert, Arctic environment.

1989-12 - 1998-07 Municipality of Tromsø: Project Supervisor for coor­din­ated land use, trans­port
and environmental planning, later environmental officer for the municipality.

1989-07 - 1989-11 County Governor of Troms, Department of the Environmental: National service.

1987-05 - 1989-06 University of Oslo, Council for environmental studies: Researcher on transport and the environment and lecturing about municipalities' environmental work

1988-89 (4 months) Ministry of the Environment: Advisor on transport and the environment. 

1983-09 - 1986-11 Municipality of Harstad: Planner (land-use, infrastructure and economic planning)  


2017 UiO, Oslo Summer School: Case study research methods (PhD course, 10 ECTS)

2016 UiT, RESULT:  Teaching in higher education - course for PhD fellows. 

2015 UiT: Philosophy of science and ethics (PhD course, 6 ECTS) and
          UiB: Production and interpretation of qualitative data (PhD course, 10 ECTS)

2008-08 - 2009-10 University of Tromsø, Faculty of Law: Master of Laws in Law of the Sea. Master thesis about environmental assessments in the Arctic Ocean (30 ECTS) 

2004-01 - 2004-05 The University courses in Svalbard: The history of Svalbard - an introduction.

1986-08 - 1987-05 University of Oslo: Social anthropology, undergraduate course work 

Spring 1983: Norwegian Technical University (now NTNU), Institute for Social Economy: Advanced courses in Municipal economy and planning and in Regional economy, and Introduction to political economy.

1977 - 1982 (4 1/2 y. full time): Chartered engineer from the Norwegian Technical University (now NTNU), Department for civil engineering, majoring in public infrastructure and planning. Diploma from Institute for town and regional planning on assessing the socioeconomic impacts of petroleum activities for the city of Harstad.

Autumn 1976: University of Oslo: Preparatory courses in history of philosophy, logics and environmental philosophy (examen philosphicum)

1973 - 1976: Stabekk gymnas (secondary school), majoring in science and biology   

2018 UiO, Oslo Summer School: The political economy of public policy (10 ECTS, not exam) 

2011 International Association for Impact Assessment: "Innovative uses of SEA - Strategic sustainability approaches"

2003 University of Roskilde: Strategic Environmental Assessment (PhD course)



I regularly give guest lectures about ecosystem-based ocean management and related issues, Arctic governance and Arctic shipping. Since 2006, I have been a guest lecturer at the University courses in Svalbard (UNIS), teaching environmental impact assessment with a particular focus on scoping. Spring 2019, I am responsible for the course SVF-2501 Mareine resource management and coastal zone planning.

Publications in CRIStin

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