Bror-Magnus Sviland Strand, ISK
Photo: Torje Jenssen

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Doctoral Research Fellow

Bror-Magnus S. Strand

Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Language and Culture

Job description:

In my research project, I wish to describe and analyse the roleplaying language of Norwegian children. It is long known that children growing up outside of the central Oslo area use something resembling the Oslo-dialect (Standard East Norwegian) in their role utterances when they engage in roleplay or socio-dramatic play. What is less known is however how the structural properties of this specific roleplay variety, and how children acquire it. These are questions I wish to address.

Research interests

First language acquisition, child language, morphosyntactic variation, Scandinavian languages, bidialectism, linguistic registers


  • NOR 1012/1022 – Talemål og språkleg mangfald (Spoken language and language diversity)
  • Nynorsk orthography and writing for teacher training students (additional resource in NOR 1012)

Publications in CRIStin

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  • Ribu, Ingeborg Sophie; Simonsen, Hanne Gram; Løver, Morten Aase; Strand, Bror-Magnus Sviland; Kristoffersen, Kristian Emil. N-LARSP: Adaptation of the LARSP profile chart to Norwegian. ICPLA 16 (International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association) 2016-06-15 - 2016-06-18 2016.

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  • Member of research group