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Roy Dragseth

Section for Digital Research Services

Job description:
  • Management
  • Planning and execution of the section duties

Publications in CRIStin

  • Ovaska, Seppo J.; Dragseth, Roy Einar; Hanssen, Svenn Agnar. Direct-to-chip liquid cooling for reducing power consumption in a subarctic supercomputer centre. International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 2016; Volum 9 (3). ISSN 1740-0562.s 242 - 249.s doi: 10.1504/IJHPCN.2016.076269.

  • Dragseth, roy einar. Arctic Datacenters and Heat Reuse: How the University of Tromso Employs Liquid-Cooled IT and Re-Uses the Waste Heat. The Green Grid Forum 2016 2016-03-08 - 2016-03-09 2016.

  • Dragseth, roy einar; Hanssen, Svenn Agnar. Design considerations for hot water cooling: Reducing operational costs and environmental impact of large datacenters. Datacenter Dynamics Converged 2012 2012-10-09 - 2012-10-09 2012.

  • Dragseth, roy einar. GPUs an alternative view. HP CAST 16 2011-06-16 - 2011-06-18 2011.

  • Hanssen, svenn agnar; Dragseth, roy einar. Datagigant på vei. 2007.

  • Dragseth, roy einar. Competing in the world of science. (fulltekst) Public Service Review Nordic States 2004. ISSN 1477-9978.s 58 - 58.

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