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Rossella Ragazzi

Associate professor
The Arctic University Museum of Norway

Job description:

Associate professor in museum- and media- anthropology

Kulturvitenskap Seksjon

tel 0047  90925278

Research interests

Fields of research Cultural and Visual Anthropology, Ethnography, Museum and Cultural Studies, Migration and Indigenous Studies.
Research themes  Childhood, Migration, Linguistic and Ethnic Minorities, Cultural Heritage.



I was formerly junior and then senior lecturer in visual cultural studies and ethnographic filmmaking, at the university of Tromsø, from 1999 to 2007. I am also a professional filmmaker graduated from the Italian National Film Academy, and a film scholar. I was educated in Italy, France, Norway and Ireland, involved in anthropological field research in South and Central Italy, Bolivian Andes, Cuba, France, North of Norway and Ireland, North Cameroon and Norwegian Sápmi (Saami Indigenous People).

Since 2009, I am visiting associate professor at Freie University in Berlin, Visual and Media Anthropology program, Institute of anthropology.

I am also a member of a NFR, Norwegian Research Council, research cluster in museology: MUSVit, the national network of university museums in Norway.

In the museological field I am currently doing research on Mediatization of Intangible Cultural Heritage, innovative/critical concepts of Cultural Heritage and Indigeneity Discourses and Heritage.

In the field of Visual Anthropology I am doing research on how new communities of interest think and shape innovative forms of life, where ecological sustainability and artistic practices co-exist.


My main research topics: museology, visual anthropology, performance, migration & mobility, childhood, cultural heritage, transcultural cinema.

Educational Background in short

Undergraduate and graduate studies in Italy (University of Rome, Faculty of Humanities, Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, National Film School, documentary filmmaking), a period of postgraduate studies and professional productions in France (MA in Arts Sciences at Sorbonne University). PhD in Media and Visual Anthropology at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. Post Doc at University of Tromsø, Tromsø University Museum.


Spoken and written languages

Italian (mother tongue), French (very good), English (good), Norwegian (average), Spanish (average). Translation studies in Latin, Ancient Greek and German, from high school.




Books as monographic Author:


Rossella Ragazzi: “Walking on Uneven Paths: The Transcultural Experience of Children entering Europe in the years 2000”. Berne: Peter Lang, 2009   250 pages + DVD, 63min.


Books as Editor:

“Perceiving Children: media anthropology of childhood and children’s museums” co-edited with Peter Ian Crawford. Århus, Intervention Press, forthcoming, 2016. ISSN


Books as Translator:

“Cinema Transculturale” by David MacDougall. Princeton University Press 1998. Translated for ISRE, Collana di Antropologia Visuale. Italy, 2016 (official translation authorized by University of Princeton Press).



Articles and Chapters in Books (published):


Ragazzi, Rossella:  Challenging Our View of Temporality. Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 2014 ;Volum 15.(5) s. 457-461.


______  “Liberating Mimesis: Between Art and Anthropology. Critical Arts. A Journal for Cultural Studies 2013, Volume 27.(6) p. 801-808. Year 2013


_______ “Incandescent Joik: Filming Chants of Resilience in Sápmi, Norway”, Visual Ethnography, n.1 - 2012


______ “Filmare” In “Etnografie del Contemporaneo”: Antropologia Museale, special issue June 2009. Italy, Editrice La Mandragora.


_______ “In ricordo di Lévi-Strauss”. Antropologia Museale 2009 ;Volume 8.(23) p. 3-4



________ “Steps Toward An Analysis of “Sápmi: Becoming A Nation” Exhibition at Tromsø University Museum” in NAMU publication proceedings online, Linköping University, 2008.


_______ “Praticare e Teorizzare il Cinema antropologico nelle e con le università”. Ricerca Folklorica, Milano 2008.


________ "Toward Pedagogical Awareness: Teaching Cine-ethnography" in: Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 23.n. 1 June 2007. Berkley, University of California Press. 2007.


________ "Migrant Children and the Performance of Memory: Film Fieldwork" in Grossman and O'Brien (eds.). In: “Projecting Migration: Transcultural Media Practice”. Wallflower Press London. 2007.


_______ ‘Memory, Resistance and Speaking the ‘Self’. Migrant Children’s  Accounts of a shifted place-time’, In: Postma, Metje and P.I.  Crawford (eds.), 'Reflecting Visual Ethnography - using the camera in anthropological research', Leiden & Hoejbjerg: CNWS Press  and Intervention Press.2006


_______ “Il Futuro del Cinema Etnografico” in Antropologia Museale, special issue, Italy, October 2006. Editrice La Mandragora.


__________ “Dwelling between Barn and Kitchen. Phenomenological perspectives in the making of the anthropological film: At Home in the World’’ in Challenging Situatedness: Gender, Culture and the Production of Knowledge. Engelstad, Ericka and Siri Gerrard, (editors). Eburon Press, Delft. Distributed by University of Chicago Press. 2005


________ "Una serie di flash back verité: Jean Rouch'. In: Lares. Rivista di Antropologia. Edizioni Olski, Firenze 2004.


_________ “La resistenza silenziosa degli Uomini Necessari”. Napoli University Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italy. 1996


___________ “Fino al punto che si può raggiungere”. Accademia Amiata, Italy. 1995


PhD Dissertation

“Walking on Uneven Paths: The Transcultural Experience of Migrant Children in France and Ireland”.  PhD dissertation, Ireland. Dublin Institute of Technology. 380 pages. DVD with the same title: 6 hours anthropological video archive. 2005


Visiting Fellowships and Academic Grants

Australian National University: The Research School of Humanities, ANU Canberra: March-April 2007, February-April 2009, March-April 2015.


Freie Universität, Berlin, Sabbatical semester: January-June 2013.


Boards, Committee, Jury, Professional Affiliations, Editorial work:

Member of the following guilds and associations:

IUAES, International Union Anthropological Ethnological Sciences;

SIMBDEA: Italian Association of Museum Anthropology;

EASA: European Association of Social Anthropology;

CVA Commission for Visual Anthropology;

CFE Comité du Film Ethnographique, France;

NAFA Nordic Anthropological Film Association;

ANAC Italian Association of Directors and Film Authors;


Editorial Member of the journal VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEW (VAR) 2011-2015.

Editorial Member of the Journal Media Anthropology 2015-2018. Freie University Germany.

Editor (Cultural Sciences): Ottar, journal of the Tromsø University Museum, 2014-2015.

Peer Reviewer for several scientific journals and publications (anonymous).


Organising Committee: Nordic Anthropological Film Association International Festival, Tromsø, 1999.

Convenor:  Visuell Kulturstudier, Seminar at the Norwegian Centre for Cultural studies, Rome, 2002.

Member of Scientific Committee: International Symposium by Comité du Film Ethnographique.” Du Cinema Ethnographique à l'Anthropologie Visuelle”. 2006

Member of Jury,. Bilan du Film Ethnographique, Paris. 2003

Member of Jury: Ethnographic Film Festival, Student Competition, Göttingen 2006.

Member of Jury: SIEFF, International Competition, Anthropological Film Festival, Istituto Etnografico, Nuoro. Italy 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014.

Member of Jury, TIFF, Tromsø International Film Festival, 2012, 2015.

Member of Jury, Cinéma Vérité, Tehran International Documentary Film Festival 2013.

Selection Committee member, Nordic anthropological film association, annual festival, 2009, 2010.

Curator: Film and Cinema Studies Summer Festival: Accademia Amiata, Italy. 1999-2000

Co-director with Associate Prof. Allen Feldman, N.Y.U. International Summer School, New York University: “Media, Ethnography and Global City”. The American University of Paris (AUP) June 2008.

Member of Scientific Committee and Chair of two sessions. International Symposium “L’Heritage de Jean Rouch” Bibliothèque Nationale de France F. Mitterrand & Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Paris, November 2009.

Co-Convenor, International Conference in Denmark 2010 on Visual Anthropology of Childhood, Mosgård Ethnographic Museum, University of Århus.

Co-Convenor, International conference in Norway, Tromsø University Museum: Exploring Museum Expertise. November 2013.




                        Exploring Museum Expertise International conference



I have supervised more than 30 graduating Master students and some few PhD students in Media and Visual Anthropology/ in the following topics: post-colonial, indigeneity, diaspora, migration, childhood, film history and film form (experimental, documentary, ethnographic), photography, popular culture, transculturality, museum anthropology, cultural revitalization, ritual, liminality, gender, body-language, mediation of knowledge, material culture, preservation, ecology and environment.


Documentaries and Anthropological films (selection)

(research, camera, editing, direction)


La Mémoire Dure  -  Beta Sp, 82’    

Distribution : DER, Documentary Educational Resources, USA.

A compulsory class for immigrant children in Paris, the lifestory of five children coming from North and West Africa and China, and the struggles of a strong teacher to help them getting through the French schooling system.

The film was awarded by the Prize of the Jury at the X International Anthropological Film Festival of Nuoro, Italy, 2000 and has been already screened more than 50 times in France and abroad. It was acquired by the Ministère du Livre et de la Lecture in France, and widely distributed in public libraries.



                 La Mémoire Dure, 2000.


The Enigma of Health                          Beta Sp, 35’.  Year. 2001

Original dialogue with the very known German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer , who was almost 100 years old when the film was made. He evokes topics connected with his work “The Enigma of Health” where he talks about well being, death and moral values. He’s filmed in his everyday life struggles against oldness and decay, far from the ‘golden chair’ of well known dinosaurs of philosophy. Last shooting with him, few months before he died, aged 101 years.



At home in the World           Beta SP    63'      Year: 2003

The life portrait of Else Juliussen in Sørøya, Coastal Sami shepherd and “everyday philosopher” in her way. A journey in IIWW memory matched with every day life in a remote fjord in Finnmark. The seasons of the year, her dwelling perspective, the songs she remembers as a form of storytelling, and some of her techniques in the handling of sheep and goats.




                At Home in the World. 2003.



Walking on Uneven Paths          Dvcam 6 hours  Year 2005

Digital anthropological film archive on migrant children’s social relations with peers, life stories and education composing a section of the PhD. Filmed in France and Ireland over 6 years.


Firekeepers  Digital Beta, 56 min. Year 2007 (Commendation: Intangible Culture Prize, Royal Anthropological Institute Festival, 2009). Distribution: RAI, U.K.

The film shot over two years, explores the values, perspectives and abilities of two young Saami yoikers, one from the North and one from the South Sámi areas of Norway.  It documents informal and public “new yoik” performances. Lawra Somby and Sara Marielle Gaup are already well known in Norway, nevertheless they do not seem to rush for easy success. Hence, they keep on trying to learn from their elders and they show they are occupied with history, autobiography and ethnicity. The film explores their attempts of being legitimized both by elders, kin or yoik-teachers as well as by new transnational audiences, which they reach through European distribution abroad. It is a film exploring as well the topic of minority languages and indigenous peoples’ history in Europe.



                Firekeepers, 2007.


(These documentaries have been shown in many festivals and symposia, among them:  Biennale of Venice Film Festival, Festival du Réel, Paris,  National Museum of New York, Biarritz Film Festival, British Film Institute, London, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Festival du Cinéma des Femmes, Créteil,  France, Festival de Cinema de La Havana, Cuba, Festival de Cine, La Paz, Bolivia, International Documentary Film Festival of Paarnu, Estonia, International Anthropological Film Festival of Nuoro, Italy, Nordic Film Festival, Rouen, Bilan du Film Ethnographique, Paris; Anthropological Film Festival Moscow, Russia, Festival of Visual Culture, Joensuu, Finland; Festival of Ecological Films, Instanbul, Turky, Festival of Indigenous Films in Taiwann, U.S. and Nepal, Institute of Aborigenal Studies, Australia and others).



Seminars, Papers, Screening and Lectures(selection from recent years)


University of Cagliari. Italy. “Cinema Etnografico Transculturale. I film e la riflessione teorica di David MacDougall”. Guest lecturers series. 2013


Freie Universität, Berlin: The construction of the cinema subject. Series of lectures. October 2010, April 2011, October 2011, April 2013.


Australian National University: 2009 Research School of Humanities, Seminar Series 20/20.


AIATSIS Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islands Institute, Canberra. Paper and Screening “Firekeepers”. April 2009


Tromsø Kunstforening: Seminar and Exhibition “The Road to Mental Decolinialization”. Paper and Screening. “Firekeepers”. November 2008.


Siena University: “Ars Videndi”. Summer School in Visual Anthropology, S. Gemignano, Italy. Screening of the film “Firekeepers” and Paper: "I guardiani del fuoco". Fra yoik e rock: flessibilità identitaria presso giovani Sami della Norvegia Contemporanea”, Oct. 2008.


American University Paris: Summer School “The Global city and Media Ethnography” co-directed with prof. Allen Feldman (NYU). Lecturer, two weeks intensive Summer School for Post Graduate Students from New York University. 2008


University of Oslo Cultural Complexity Seminar series, ISA. “Firekeepers” paper, screening and debate. March 2008.


Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venezia. Paper and Screening. “Lo yoik Sami : identità, lingua, confronto generazionale”. Seminario Internazionale di Musicologia comparative. ESEM. January 2008. Screening and Paper.


Verdensteater, Tromsø. Première “Firekeepers”. 16 September 2007.







Manchester University: International Conference of the Royal Anthropological Association (RAI). Paper: “Visual Anthropology of Childhood: the site specific context” and screen presentation in the workshop and panel “Visualizing Childhood: Methodological approaches and challenges”. June 2007.


Tropen Museum, Amsterdam. Chair of one session at Beeld voor Beeld. Visual Anthropological Film Festival. June 2007.


Tromsø University Museum. Internal Research Seminar Series, presentation of Post Doctoral Research Project. May 2007.


Australian National University: International Symposium “Visualizing Childhood” Centre for Cross Cultural Research. Paper and film presentation. April 2007.


University of Tromsø: Seminar in Cross cultural cinema taught with Dr. Ilisa Barbash from Peabody Museum, Cambridge, Boston. University of Tromsø, January, 2007.


Musée de l’Homme Regards Comparés, « Migrations » : Screening Mémoire Dure. October 2006


Harvard University: Film and Environmental Studies Centre, Cambridge, Massachusetts : lecture in the seminar series of Visual Anthropology. Convenor: Prof. Lucien G. Taylor. Seminar Series: “Sensory Ethnography”. February 2006


Harvard University, Cambridge Mass: Graduate School of Education. Course Leader: Prof. Wendy Luttrell. Seminar: “Intercultural aspects in Education” for Post graduate and Post doc. students in Education.

Paper: “The Eloquence of Silence: a case study of a ten years old girl recently immigrated Chinese girl in France.” Screening, La Mémoire Dure. February 2006


Università degli Studi di Firenze. Seminario Permanente di Intercultura: dieci occasioni di studio, riflessione e confronto. Convenor: prof. Maurizio Agamennone. Screening and Paper: “Lungo Sentieri Sconnessi. Esperienze transculturali e narrative di Bambini Migranti nell’Europa Contemporanea.” March 2006


New York University, Steinhardt School of Education, department of Culture and Communication. Convenor: prof. Allen Feldman. “The Global City and Media Ethnography: Practice Based Research on Migration and Public Policy.” Paper: “Migrant Children: Ethnographic film and Classroom Research”. Screening and paper. February 2006.





University of Bologna. Paper and Screening. “Il non detto e l'indicibile. Forme di resistenza all'assimilazione di alcuni bambini migranti in Francia e Irlanda”. Screening and Paper at Seminar Series on “Mediazioni Culturali”  April 2006.


Musée de l’Homme, Paris.  International Symposium, Comité du Film Ethnographique. Paper and Screening. “Framing Migration and Childhood: an Anthropological Film Approach”. Du cinema Ethnographique à l'Anthropologie Visuelle”. Online Proceedings. March 2006


Summer School New York University in collaboration with Dublin Insitute of Technology, Paper and Screning. “Migrant Children: Ethnographic Film and Classroom Research”. The Global City and Media Ethnography. June 2006.


Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venezia. Ethnomusicology International Seminar. Paper: Aspetti etnologici ed etnomusicologici nel cinema di Otar Ioseliani. Polifonie in Viva Voce n.9.  2005



Scholarships from Educational Institutions

Post.grad. Scholarship of the National Film School of Rome, Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, 1989 for cinematographic experimental research in documentary.


Summer University of Eger, Hungaria, 1987. Scholarship for Summer School in East European Film History .


Fondazione Pier Paolo Pasolini, Roma: archivist and researcher, 1989


Atelier Varan, La Paz Bolivia, 1993: scholarship of Scuola Nazionale di Cinema and Instituto Boliviano de Cinematografia.


PhD Scholarship from the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences. 2002-2005.


Visiting Scholarship: the Film Centre, Harvard, The Sensory Ethnography program. February 2006.


Post Doc Research Grant, University of Tromsø, University of Tromsø Museum 2007-2009


Publication grant for the book “Walking on Uneven Paths”: The Norwegian Research Council, 2009



Papers and Screenings held before 2005      (selection)

2004: Dublin Institute of Technology, post graduate series of seminar. Screening and presentation (and excerpts of film): "Non Nationals".


2004: Tromsø University, Forskning Seminar. La Memoire Dure, screening and paper.


2004: Siena University, Italy. Conference online "I saperi dello sguardo", paper "Ricettività e Reciprocitá nell' Etnografia Visiva". Excerpts of film and paper. Convenors: Dr. Riccardo Putti and  Prof. Massimo Squillacciotti.


2004: Bergamo University, CERCO and Bologna Film Institute. Screening "La Memoria Dura" within the conference "Visual Anthropology and Migration Studies". Convenor: Dr. Cristina Grasseni.


2004:  Nordic Anthropological Film Association, Taartu, Estonia. Screening "At home in the world". Curator: dr. Liivo Niiglas.


2004:  Eala University of Moscow Ethnographic Film Conference. Screening "At home in the world". Convenor: prof. Alexandrov.


2004:  University of Rome La Sapienza, Department of Anthropology, faculty of Psychology. Screening and paper on Migration and Childhood within the annual
seminar of Prof. Vincenzo Padiglione.


2003: The visible Evidence" Series of Seminars on Visual and Cultural Studies, Bristol University. Paper "Non nationals" with excerpts of the new work in progress in the panel "Migration and Location". Curator: prof. Michael Shannan.


2003: Bilan du Film Ethnographique, Paris. Screening out competition of "At home in the World".


2003: The Irish Film Institute, Dublin: screening "La Memoire Dure" and paper: "Transcultural Media practice with migrant children".


2003: Festival of Visual Culture, Petrozavodsk, Russia, and Joensuu Finland: screening of "At home in the world" with Russian Subtitles. Director: Dr. Pekka Silvoinnen.


2003: University of Leiden, Visual Ethnographic Department. Screening of "La Memoire Dure" and paper: "Filming with Migrant children in Primary school". Host: Dr. Metsje Postma and Dr. Steef Meychnekt.


2002: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Beeld voor Beeld Anthropological Film Festival. Screening La Memoire Dure.


2002: Irish Film Centre and Dublin Institute of Technology. Series of Conference "Transcultural Visual Research" screening of "La Memoire Dure" and paper "Performing Memory". Curator: Dr. Alan Grossman and Dr. Aine O’Brien.


2002: Kalmar, Sweden: High Security Prison, Kriminelle Avdeling Screening and debate with inmates: "La memoire dure". In collaboration with Prof. Tom Anderson.


 2002: Festival of Visual Culture, Joeunsuu, Finland: screening of "Else Hjemme i Verden". Convenor: Pekka Silvoinnen.


2002 “Challenging Situatedness: Gender, Culture and the Production  of Knowledge”,  conference by The Norwegian Research Council. Paper: “Dwelling with camera in between the female spaces of barn and kitchen” and screening of the film “Else at home in the world”.


2002: Practicing Visual Anthropology- Perspectives on Audiovisual Means for Mediating Scientific Knowledge".Seminar at the Norwegian Institute in Rome Paper "Sensitivity and Sensibility in teaching Visual Ethnography".


2002: “Migration and Location”, School of Media, Dublin. Presentation of the  film “La Mémoire Dure” and a paper “Methodology and fieldwork in anthropological filmmaking”. Convenors: Dr. Aine O’Brien and Dr. Alan Feldman.


2002: “Infanzia e Infanzie: l’educazione in una prospettiva antropologica” Comune di Pistoia, Italy, Unicef and University of Rome. Film “La Mémoire Dure” and Paper “La Memoria Dura”. Convenor: prof. Pietro Clemente.


2001 National Saami Parliament: presentation of a selection of research projects: “Else hjemme I verden”, screening and debate, Karasjok, Norway


2001 Høgskolen, Tromsø, Screening of “La Memoire Dure” and paper: “Transcultural Childhood”. Series of lectures devoted to Multiculturalism and Education.


2001 University of Rome, Seminar “Raccontare, raccontarsi” seminar of the Department of Cultural Anthropology, screening of and paper: “Il tempo dell’ emersione, il tempo dell’invenzione”. Convenor: prof. Pietro Clemente.


2001 University of Arkangelsk, Russia. Screening of “Else Hjemme I verden” and “The Enigma of Health”, presentation: “The wise patient: a multidisciplinary research project”.


2001 Heidelberg, screening of “The Enigma of Health” in presence of Hans-Georg Gadamer, debate and discussions around his portrait. Convenor: Emeritus Prof. H.G. Gadamer.


2001 London University and British Film Institute, Conference: “Global Media or Global Image?” film screening of “La Memoire Dure” and paper: “Imagining Childhood, meeting Children”.


2001 University of Tromsø, Institute of Medicine. Several screenings of “The Enigma of Health” and debates. Convenor: prof. Eivind Merok.


2001  Bodø, Norway, Nordland County, cultural department: retrospective of the last films and paper: “Methodology in anthropological film research”. Convenor: Auslaug Vaa.


2001 Senter for visuelle kulturstudier,  Celebration for the establishment of the permanent department of Visual and Cultural Studies at university of Tromsø. Paper.


2001 National Prize for the best national teaching program and University of Tromsø Students' prize for the best curriculum and innovative teaching unit. Universitet Rektor: Prof. Tove Bull.


2001 University of Stockholm: Screening of “The Enigma of Health” and debate.


2001 Paris, Festival du Réel, Centre Pompidou: two screenings with debate of “La Memoire Dure”.


2001 Reykiavik University, International seminar titled “Dignity in Medical studies” screening and debate of “The enigma of Health”.


2001 Volda Documentary Film Festival: Screening of “La Memoire Dure”.


2001 Drammen, Norway, Seminar- “Building bridges, not walls”, screening of “La Memoire Dure” and paper: “Mediating knowledge through films”.


2001 Joensuu University, Finland. Festival of Visual Culture. Screening of “La Memoire Dure” and lecture: “Imagining Childhood, meeting children”.


2001  Tromsø International Film Festival, two screenings of “La Memoire Dure” and debate.


2000 Nuoro Anthropological Film Festival, titled “Children”, Italy: “La Memoire Dure” awarded by the Special Prize of the Jury.


2000 Tromsø Conference of Nafa (Nordic Anthropological Film Association): première:  “La Memoire Dure”.


2000 Bergen Philosophical Poliklinik: Screening of “Else hjemme i verden”.


2000 Tromsø International Peace Conference organized by Unesco: Screening of “Else hjemme i verden” and paper: “Visual Studies for Peace purposes”.


2000 Paarnu Interantional Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival,  Estonia, screening “Else at home in the world”.


2000 More than 20 screenings of “Else Hjemme i Verden” in Institutions, Hospitals, Schools, Academies, universities.


2000 Tromsø International Litterature Conference “The Heritage of Laestadius”, opening night, screening of “Else hjemme i Verden” and paper: “Mystical and sensual: women’s faith and ecology”.


Philosophical Poliklinik, Annual Conference, Bergen : “Else at Home in the world”, screening and paper.


1999 Tromsø International Womens World Conference: screening of “Else at home in the world”.


1999 Medical Philosophical Forum, Tromsø University. Screening and presentation Else Hjemme i Verden.


1999 Ethics and Education, Den danske legeforening.



1999  Workshop, Verdinett, Norwegian Research Council. Oslo.


1999  “Videreutdanning i psykiatri”, Tromsø helsefaghøgskole.

 “Rehabiliteringsenheten”, Åsgård psykiatriske sykehus, Tromsø.


1999 International  Peace Conference, Unesco Tromsø. Opening Screening and paper: Hjemme i Verden.



Past Research

Anthropos Programme, University of Ngaoundéré and Tromsø: fieldwork in Cameroon.(1994-1997)


Visual Anthropology Unit and Curriculum: theoretical and practice-based design and conception of the Educational Curriculum in Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film. Exploration of interdisciplinary boundaries of the subject. 1996-2000


Visual Anthropology: assistant researcher of Professor Lisbet Holtedahl in the making of the documentary film “A Castle in Africa”, 3 hours, 2004. Fieldwork in Cameroon, Nigeria and France (1997-2001).


Institute for Social Medicine, University of Tromsø: fieldwork and interdisciplinary research “The Wise Patient”, research leader: associate prof. Eivind Merok. 1999-2002


Institute for Social Medicine, University of Tromsø: fieldwork and filmwork in the Kalmar High Security Prison on therapeutic dialogues and systemic group therapy with Prof. Tom Andersen. (2003-2004)


Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Media, Trancultural Ethnographic Media Practice Unit. Fieldwork and filmwork on contemporary Irish inward Migration and Childhood. (2003-2006).


MusVIt: Research Project on Materiality, Expertise and Mediation of Knowledge in the Norwegian University Museums. 2009-2015.


Professional Work: As Director, Author

(previous 1999. Director, Editor, Photographer, Producer):

Rai : Italian National Television : Director for series of short documentary films and reportages from 1988 to 1990 on different genres: ecology, society, medicine,  biology and natural sciences.



Arbos                                                  Beta SP,  13’

1990. Short documentary in observational participatory style  of the work of wood-etching in Tuscany.


Il viaggio della Sibilla                      16mm, 26’

1991. Docu-fiction, the undergrounds of Naples, its inhabitants and hidden practices of life, historical reconstructions, secret loci.


Sayarii (second director)                              35mm,  70’

1993. The ritual of Fertility in the feast of Tinku, Bolivian Andes, where warriors simulate war through individual fights, often leaving one of them dead. Event filmed during preparation and actual ritual in two communities of the Macha area in the Andes, Quechua speaking areas.




                    Sayari, Bolivia, 1993.




L’ Altro Sguardo                                              35mm, 33’

1996. The last monologue of the actor Antonio Neiwiller, mythical performer and poet dead in 1994 in Naples. A film on theatrical experimental practice and anthropology of performance.

Shown at the Venice Festival in 1997, Biennale di Venezia.



Il teatro come invenzione                            Beta Sp, 45’

1998. Performance and body language through the work-shop of Living Theatre led by Neiwiller with a group of international actors.



Visual ethnography, Cultural studies, Museum Studies, Heritage Studies, Art and Anthropology, Cross cultural film making.

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