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Per Helge Nylund

Management and administration at TMU


 - Elected leader of the Section for Museum Communication in the Norwegian Museum's Association, 2012-2013.



Main tasks:

-Temporary exhibitions at Tromsø Museum. Planning the exhibition program, arranging contracts, transportation, marketing and outreach events. Giving guided tours.

- Special events, like lecure nights, theme days and outdoor excurtions. My tasks concerns mainly the coordination and marketing of such events.

- PR and marketing, addressing the local audiences, tourists and travel operators.

- Travelling exhibitions. Tromsø University Museum has made a number of exhibitions which are available to other museums in Norway and abroad. I am the one to set up the travelling programme for these exhibitions.

- Networking with other exhibition and PR departmenst in Scandinavia and beyond.

- Training of tourist guides and vistor assistants.


Publications in CRIStin

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