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Gradinger, Rolf

Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Research interests

sea ice zone, phytoplankton, Arctic marine system ecology, primary production, ocean diversity


Curriculum Vitae

1986  Master in Biology
Natural Science Faculty, University of Kiel, Germany
1990  PhD in Marine Biology
Natural Science Faculty, University of Kiel, Germany

2016- UiT, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
2014 -  Affiliated faculty, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (SFOS), University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), USA

1992 – 2000  Assistant Professor (Hochschulassistent, Oberassistent): University of Kiel, Germany
2001 – 2014  Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor in Oceanography, SFOS, UAF
2011 – 2014  Associate Dean, SFOS, UAF (head of three SFOS academic programs: Fisheries, Oceanography, Marine Biology)

• Research, awards - recent examples
2001 – 2014  During tenure at UAF: Competitive grants awarded from e.g. U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Bureau of Ocean Management, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. 
2013-2016  Example 1: NSF (PI): Diversity, seasonality and function of parasitic fungi in Arctic Sea ice. 
2007–2014  Example 2: NSF (PI): BEST: Sea ice algae, a major food source for herbivorous plankton and benthos in the eastern Bering Sea 
2009-2013 Example 3: NSF (Co-PI): Tracking the seasonal contribution of algal fatty acids to the Arctic marine system.
2004-2010 Example 4: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (PI): Arctic Ocean Diversity, a Census of Marine Life Project. 
Publication impact (Google scholar, Oct 11, 2018): 5093 citations, h-index 44

1992 – 2000   Number of PhD/ Master Students: 5 PhD, 3 MSc
Natural Science Faculty, University of Kiel, Germany
2001 – 2014 Number of PhD/ Master Students, main advisor: 1 PhD, 6 MSc; on additional student committees: 18, SFOS, UAF


2016- Undergraduate and graduate level courses at UiT
2011 – 2014 as Associate Dean responsible for all academic programs SFOS, UAF; total ca. 300 graduate students in fisheries, marine biology, oceanography.
2014 Guest lecturer: University Courses in Svalbard (UNIS): winter ecology
2001 – 2014  Faculty member: SFOS, UAF: graduate level core classes in Biological Oceangraphy, Polar Ecosystems, Marine Ecology, Sea ice processes, Phytoplankton, including field classes on sea ice ecology.
1992 – 2000  Faculty member (Hochschulassistent, Oberassistent): University of Kiel, Germany, graduate level classes on polar marine ecosystems, marine birds, sea ice ecology, polar oceanography, climate change.
2002- Public outreach web sites: e.g.

2016 Session co-chair: PICES international zooplankton conference, Bergen, Norway
2015  Theme co-chair for Arctic Frontiers Conference, Tromsø, Norway
2011 – 2014 Steering committee of the Alaska Marine Science Symposium, USA
2010 Session co-chair Arctic Frontiers Conference, Tromsø, Norway
2008 Session chair at ASLO meeting, Orlando, USA
2003 Session chair, Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, USA

2014 – 2015  Leader of Barents Sea and Polar Oceans program at Institute of Marine Research
2011 – 2014  Associate Dean, SFOS, UAF, USA
2012 – 2014 Director of Institute for Marine Science, UAF, USA
2011 – 2014 Director of Coastal Marine Institute, UAF, USA
2001 – 2014  Member of numerous faculty committees at UAF: e.g. curriculum affairs committee, senator in faculty senate, chair of program review committee

1992 – Reviews for peer reviewed journals (e.g. Mar Ecol Progr Ser, Mar Biol, Polar Biol, Deep Sea Res), 10-15 per year
2001 –  Reviews for funding agencies: NSF (about 3 per year), also for European agencies, e.g. NERC, National Research Council of Italy
2004-2007 UNOLS Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (USA)
2005 Chief scientist on NOAA funded multi-PI Arctic Ocean expedition
2005-2009  Editor Polar Biology, Springer
2008  Bering Sea Ecosystem Study Scientific Advisory Board, U.S. NSF
2009-2014 Member NOAA Panel on China-US Cooperation
2010-2011 Chair of UAF wide Program Review Committee
2010-2014  Co-chair International Arctic Science Committee  (IASC) Marine Working Group, U.S. representative
2011-2012 U.S. representative on Arctic Council program: CBMP (sea ice group)
2015 -  Member scientific advisory board for Polarstern Expeditions, AWI, Germany

Online records:

Google Scholar:

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6035-3957

Publications in CRIStin

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  • Hassett, Brandon Thomas; Gradinger, Rolf. New Species of Saprobic Labyrinthulea (=Labyrinthulomycota) and the Erection of a Gen. Nov. to Resolve Molecular Polyphyly within the Aplanochytrids. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2018; Volum 65 (4). ISSN 1066-5234.s 475 - 483.s doi: 10.1111/jeu.12494.

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  • Member of research group