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Kristin Heggland

ARCTOS secretary
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Research interests

System ecology

Publications in CRIStin

  • Renaud, Paul Eric; Daase, Malin; Banas, Neil S.; Gabrielsen, Tove M.; Søreide, Janne; Varpe, Øystein; Cottier, Finlo Robert; Falk-Petersen, Stig; Halsband-Lenk, Claudia; Vogedes, Daniel Ludwig; Heggland, Kristin; Berge, Jørgen. Pelagic food-webs in a changing Arctic: a trait-based perspective suggests a mode of resilience. ICES Journal of Marine Science 2018; Volum 75 (6). ISSN 1054-3139.s 1871 - 1881.s doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsy063.

  • Misund, Ole Arve; Heggland, Kristin; Skogseth, Ragnheid; Falck, Eva; Gjøsæter, Harald; Sundet, Jan Henry; Watne, Jens; Lønne, Ole Jørgen. Norwegian fisheries in the Svalbard zone since 1980. Regulations, profitability and warming waters affect landings. Polar Science 2016; Volum 10 (3). ISSN 1873-9652.s 312 - 322.s doi: 10.1016/j.polar.2016.02.001.

  • Heggland, Kristin N.; Ottesen, Camilla; Berge, Jørgen. Aspects of the life history of the Atlantic poacher, Leptagonus decagonus, in Svalbard waters. Polish Polar Research 2015; Volum 36 (1). ISSN 0138-0338.s 79 - 87.s doi: 10.1515/popore-2015-0004.

  • Berge, Jørgen; Heggland, Kristin N.; Lønne, Ole Jørgen; Cottier, Finlo R.; Hop, Haakon; Gabrielsen, Geir W.; Nøttestad, Leif; Misund, Ole Arve. First records of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) from the Svalbard archipelago, Norway, with possible explanations for the extension of its distribution. Arctic 2015; Volum 68 (1). ISSN 0004-0843.s 54 - 61.s doi: 10.14430/arctic4455.

  • Daase, Malin; Berge, Jørgen; Renaud, Paul E.; Vogedes, Daniel Ludwig; Heggland, Kristin; Søreide, Janne; Gabrielsen, Tove M.; Falk-Petersen, Stig. Size Matters- Impact of climate change at the base of the Arctic food chain. Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science 2015-03-16 - 2015-03-20 2015.

  • Heggland, Kristin; Ottesen, Camilla; Berge, Jørgen. Life history of Leptagonus decagonus (Atlantic poacher) in Svalbard waters. IPY 2012 From Knowledge to Action Conference 2012-04-22 - 2012-04-27 2012.

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