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Doctoral Research Fellow

Myrnes, Marianne

Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Physics and Technology

Publications in CRIStin

  • Myrnes, Marianne; Brekke, Camilla; Ferro-Famil, Laurent; Petrich, Christian. Polarimetric analysis of oil contaminated laboratory grown saltwater ice imaged by a ground based SAR. Electronic proceedings (EUSAR) 2018; Volum 2018-June. ISSN 2197-4403.s 657 - 660.

  • Petrich, Christian; O'Sadnick, Megan Eileen; Brekke, Camilla; Myrnes, Marianne; Maus, Sønke; Salomon, Martina Lan; Woelk, Sofie; Grydeland, Tom; Jenssen, Rolf-Ole Rydeng; Eicken, Hajo; Oggier, Marc; Ferro-Famil, Laurent; Lekhmissi, Harkati; Rebane, Ott; Reimer, Nils. An Overwiew of the MOSIDEO/CIRFA Experiments on Behavior and Detection of Oil in Ice. (data) 2018 ISBN 978-0-660-04851-2.s 112 - 122.

  • Member of research group