Paula Mikaelsen
Photo: Torje Jenssen

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Doctoral Research Fellow

Paula Ryggvik Mikalsen

PhD student
Department of Language and Culture

Job description:

PhD Student, Nordic Literature at the Department of Language and Culture

Research interests

Fairytale studies and folklore

Fantasy literature

Gothic Literature Studies


Medical Humanities


Narrative medicine

Gender Studies


BA in Language and Literature, NTNU, 2009-2011
One Year Study, General Literature
One Year Study, Gender Studies
MA in English literature, 2013-2015
"But you can't get me out of the story": Feminist revision of Fairy Tales in Short Stories by Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter".
Åse Hiort Lerviks Award for Best MA thesis with a gendered topic, 2016

Teaching,  NOR-3147, spring 2018
International Gothic Association Conference 2018 in Manchester, conference with contribution
Symposium in Paris September 2018, "Patient as Text - revisited", symposium with contribution


NOR-3147 Health- and Illness Research in the Humanities

Publications in CRIStin

  • Mikalsen, Paula. Gothic Infections: Henry Tilney and Storytelling as Therapy. Tidsskrift for forskning i sygdom og samfund 2019; Volum 16 (31). ISSN 1604-3405.s 87 - 101.s doi:

  • Mikalsen, Paula. The Victorian Rebellion of the Gothic Grey Mice. International Gothic Association Conference 2018 2018-07-31 - 2018-08-03 2018.

  • Mikalsen, Paula. Sjanger og kjønn i sykdomsnarrativ: Medical Humanities møter skjønnlitteratur. ISK-dagen 2018-10-31 - 2018-10-31 2018.

  • Mikalsen, Paula. Reading as Illness in Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey".. The Patient as Text - Revisited 2018-09-10 - 2019-09-13 2018.

  • Member of research group