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Doctoral Research Fellow

Eric Juskewitz

Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Medical Biology

Job description:

PhD candidate at the HMI research group. As a part of the AntiBioSpec/DigiBiotics programm I am researching new marine compounds in regards of their antimicrobial properties.

Research interests

Infectious diseases are worldwide among the leading causes of human deaths. Due to the increasing amount of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, it gets harder to treat those infections day by day. To meet the challenge AntiBioSpec/DigiBiotics was established to develop a knowledge-based pipeline for synthesis and design of new antibacterial molecules.
In my part of the project, newly discovered and synthesized “middle-space molecules” with antibacterial activity, provided by the AntiBioSpec/DigiBiotics research pipeline, will be studied. Through new and established state-of-the-art experimental methods, an in-depth understanding of structure activity relationships for novel compounds will enable optimization of their biological activity.