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Anne Håkansson

Department of Computer Science

Job description:

Anne Håkansson is Professor in Computer Science with focus on Artificial Intelligence, at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Leader the CAI Lab 


Research interests

Professor Anne Håkansson research lies within Computer science with the focus on Artificial Intelligence, and reasoning strategies, for different application areas, among others e-business, environmental impact assessment, and context. Especially, Håkansson has conducted research within Knowledge-based systems and Knowledge Base modelling, Reasoning, Graphic Representation, Visualisation, Visual Programming, Declarative Programming, Multi-agent systems, and Meta-agents.

Currently Professor Håkansson conducts research within Cyber-Physcial Systems, Reasoning and Negotiation in Computer Systems, Sustainability and  Artificial Intelligence for combining senses. This includes Event-driven algorithm for searching in network, Smart cities and Smart sociteies Ontologies, and Contexts.

Volatile Multiple Smart Systems, VoLM2s (for stationary and mobile systems, e.g. CPS, IoT): 

  • Next generation of smart systems – multiple connected systems that are only connected in some situations or for some purposes. 
  • Volatile – the situation decides the incorporated systems – data and information exchange is lost when systems are out of the communication sphere.
  • Smart everywhere: Collaborations between different systems, everywhere; Co-operations to perform complex tasks
  • Complex and situation-dependent data
  • Generalize in heterogeneous environments

The systems are a part of the Volatile Distributed Multi Smart Network.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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