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Savinova, Tatiana

Senior adviser
International Cooperation Section

Job description:
  • Coordination of strategic research and educational cooperation with Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Networking with Russian and East-European research institutions
  • Barents region cooperation
  • Agreements on cooperation with Russian and East-European universities and research institutes (in cooperation with Department of research and development and Department of Academic affairs)
  • Coordination of UiT participation in Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce activities and projects
  • Collaboration with Troms county and Tromsø municipality in cooperation with Russia
  • UiT representative in the Russian-Norwegian Joint Working Group under the Agreement of Cooperation in Higher Education between Norway and Russia

Publications in CRIStin

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  • Polder, Anuschka; Savinova, Tatiana; Tkachev, A; Loken, KB; Odland, jon Øyvind; Skaare, Janneche Utne. Levels and patterns of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) in selected food items from Northwest Russia (1998-2002) and implications for dietary exposure. Science of the Total Environment 2010; Volum 408 (22). ISSN 0048-9697.s 5352 - 5361.s doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2010.07.036.

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  • Carroll, JoLynn; Savinov, Vladimir; Savinova, Tatiana; Dahle, Salve; McCrea, R.; Muir, D.C.G.. PCBs, PBDEs and pesticides released to the Arctic Ocean by the Russian Rivers Ob and Yenisei. Environmental Science and Technology 2008; Volum 42 (1). ISSN 0013-936X.s 69 - 74.

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