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Application for admission to the PhD programme in the Faculty of Health Sciences




Admission requirements

To be qualified for admission to the PhD programme, you must have a master's degree with good results.

The PhD programme is a 3 year full time study programme. To be admitted to the PhD programme, you  need to have funding for the entire period (3 year full time), generally as salary at the level of salary and operating funds, infrastructure and overhead for a PhD position.

For more informastion regarding admission requirements see Regulations concerning the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)


Attatchments to the application

  • Project description
  • Milestone schedule/Time schedule for the project
  • Written assessment of the projects feasibility within the time frame by the main supervisor
  • Copy of diploma
  • Documentation regarding your funding

Possible other appendices:

  • Approval from REK, NSD or other bodies. A plan for the application process if approval has not yet been given
  • If the time you spend on the project in the funding period varies a lot, you must include a funding plan showing the percentage of your working hours that will be used for your doctoral project per year/semester
  • You must include documentation of your knowledge of English if you do not have the Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification. For more information, see this website
  • If you will be working in a clinic etc. in addition to your studies, you must enclose a confirmation from your manager that at least 50 per cent of your time will be set aside for the research project
  • If you plan to use a language other than English in your dissertation, you must enclose an application to do so
  • If you plan to take courses at other universities as part of your training, you must enclose a print-out of the course description (from the website)


Project description

The project description has to be written by the following template and be maximum 10 pages long.


The project descriptions shall also comply with section 8 of the Regulation relating to organisation of medical and health research. Research protocol

This implies that the project description shall at a minimum specify:

  • project manager
  • a scientifically compiled project schedule including specification of the project's scope, basis, methods, substantiation that the chosen study design may provide an answer to the research question and the estimated time frame for the project
  • a description of how personal health data will be treated, including from where the health data will be collected and if the data will be transferred or shared with countries outside the EEA
  • a description of how human biological material will be collected, and if the material will be transferred to other parties or abroad
  • an assessment of ethical challenges related to the research involved in the project, particularly a risk-benefit analysis for participants in the research project
  • sources of financing, interested parties and dependencies, including any financial issues that the researchers and the research participants  may have related to the research project in question 
  • a plan for the publication of results, and information on any possible extended use, including commercial use of the research results, data or biological material


If project descriptions from major research applications are enclosed with the application for admission to a PhD programme, the project description must detail what the student is to do in their project.


Milestone Schedule/Time Schedule

Enclosed to the application there has to be a milestone schedule/time schedule of the research project. You'll find a template for the schedule here:

Milestone schedule for research projects - 3 years (full time)

Milestone schedule for research projects - 4 years (part time)

Milestone schedule for research projects - 6 years (part time)

Written statement form the proposed main supervisor

A written statement from the proposed main supervisor has to be included upon application for admission. It shall contain 1) a written assessment of the projects feasibility within the timeframe, and 2) a confirmation that the project description is quality assured by the supervisory team and is a joint product, as stated in the application.



Copy of diploma

We need a copy of the entire diploma, not just the front page. If the diploma is not in Norwegian or English, a diploma supplement or translation of the diploma must also be enclosed. If you have taken your degree at the University of Tromsø, you do not need to enclose your diploma. Authorisation is not recognised as a confirmation of a degree. If you have a diploma from abroad, you should also enclose a completed authorisation form from NOKUT that we can use in case we need NOKUT to assess your education. You can find the authorisation from here.


Schedule and funding

It is important that section 5, schedule and funding, is filled in correctly. The information filled in here determines your period of study.


Individual education plan

Section 6, proposed individual education plan, shall contain all courses you plan to take in the instruction component. The instruction component shall consist of a total of 30 credits, and contain all of the programme's compulsory courses.

It is redundant to set up a plan for the instruction component that exceeds 30 credits. You can take courses not included in your plan for instruction component if you wish. These courses will however not show on your final diploma.

The compulsory courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences are:

  • HEL-8040 Theory of science, research ethics and research design
  • HEL-8004 Allmennrettet og vitenskapelig forskningskommunikasjon ("General and academic communication of research." It is recommended that you wait to the third semester of the programme to take this course)

N.B. previously the course HEL-8010 Research Ethics and Theory of Science was compulsory instead of HEL-8040. If you have already passed HEL-8010, you don't have to take HEL-8040 but your instruction component will have to include a minimum of two ECTS from courses in research methodology. 


For more information regarding elements that can be approved in the instruction component see The formal part of the PhD study.

Also remember to include a plan for your project under this section.


Direct questions regarding the application to phd@helsefak.uit.no

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