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The supervisors responsibilities

You should have regular contact with your supervisors.

Your superviros should:

  • give you advice on the formulation and delimitation of topics and problems
  • discuss and assess hypotheses and methods
  • discuss results and their interpretation
  • discuss the conception and implementation of presentation (including organization, language, documentation, etc.)
  • assist in finding relevant literature and data such as available through libraries and archives
  • provide supervision in realtion to ethical questions connected to the thesis


Your supervisor is also obligated to:

The supervisors are responsible for facilitating the student´s regular participation in the research environment. 

In addition the supervision is governed by "The Agreement upon admission to doctoral program at the University of Tromsø" which covers the student, supervisors and department.


Change of supervision

You have to apply to the faculty if you wish to change supervisor during the PhD study programme. You apply for change in supervision through our web based application form . Remember to log on using you Feide username end password. Please uppload a verification from all supervisors confirming that they agree of the changing of supervisor(s) - (email from supervisor or other written confirmation).



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