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Instruction component

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The ph.d.-program has a total scope of 180 ECTS. The thesis is 150 ECTS and the rest (30 ECTS) we generally referred to as the instruction component. The instruction component includes compulsory courses and elective courses.

In order to graduate from our ph.d.-program you have to complete all the programs compulsory courses.  Elective courses have to be completed according to the programs regulations.

As soon as possible after completing 30 ECTS email us and let us know. You will need a written confirmation from us that your instruction component is completed prior to submitting your thesis.

Compulsory courses (10 ECTS)

  • HEL-8040 Theory of science, research ethics and research design
  • HEL-8004 Allmennrettet og vitenskapelig forskningskommunikasjon

Students who already completed HEL-8010 do not need to take HEL-8040 if they have a minimum of 2 ECTS research methods in addition to HEL-8010 in their instruction component.

We recommend that you take HEL-8004 in the third semester.

A course in reseach animals is mandatory if you use reseach animals in your project. The course must be completed during the first year of your study.

Elective courses (20 ECTS)

Elective course is most commonly ph.d.-courses from UiT, ph.d.-courses from other universities, scientific presentations, or research stays abroad.


Ph.d.-courses from UiT

Ph.d.-courses from UiT can be added to your education plan directly in studweb. Please email us if you are having trouble finding your course on the list.

Use this website for planning what courses to do when.  (The list in studentweb might not always be accurate for more than one year ahead in time.

Always check the course description for any overlapping content with other courses.


Ph.d.-courses from other universities

The following criteria have to be met:

  • The course have to be a ph.d. –level course (not available for master students)
  • It should be by or in affiliation with a university/university college
  • You need the grad C or better

Link to application form: Application Form. Log in with Feide. You can apply for approval before (recommended) or after you take the course. You can also email us at phd@helsefak.uit.no.


Ph.d-courses from outside of UiT must be documented with course certificate, course description, and sometimes time table and list of syllabus. You normally don’t need a course certificate when applying for approval of a Norwegian course if you allow us to retrieve grade information from other universities.



Presentation at a national conference yields 1 ECTS. A presentation at an international conference yields 2 ECTS. Popular science presentations grants a maximum of 2 ECTS. Your instruction component is limited to 3 ECTS from dissemination work.


  • Please attach a participation list/written confirmation from the conference organizers or similar
  • The actual presentation (powerpoint or poster)
  • Link to the conference website

Application form HERE.

Research stay abroad:

Apply for approval of here. (choose FEIDE-login)

You may be granted ECTS from research stays abroad depending on the duration. You earn 1,5 ECTS per week. The shortest stay you can apply to include in your instruction component is two weeks, the longest is four weeks. You cannot get credits for a research stay in your home country. Documentation should be a confirmation letter from the institution that details time and place. The letter should also include a short description of your work at the institution.

For more detail and other options, see our regulations section 15.


Please email us at phd@helsefak.uit.no for any questions.

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