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How to submit your thesis and what happends after it is submitted

How to submit your thesis

Before the thesis can be submitted the instruction component must be approved (the 30 cedits). You can get the instruction component approved by sending an enquiery to phd@helsefak.uit.no.

You submit your thesis electronically in Munin with the following attachments:

  • Confirmation that the instruction component is approved. A copy of the letter or e-mail.
  • A picture of your self, or something related to your thesis. Is to be used in regards to dissemination
  • PDF file of your thesis. You should submit the thesis in one file. If needed it can be submitted in separate files. In this case use meaningful file names e.g. introduction.pdf, paper-1.pdf, paper-2.pdf etc. The staff at Munin can also be of assistance, contact information: munin@ub.uit.no, telephone +47 776 46255/776 44950.
  • Statement of independence which describes the candidates work in each component (articles and the summary). This statement must be signed by you and your supervisor. If the Evaluation Committee has non-Norwegian (English speaking) members, the statement must be written in English.
  • Plagiarism declaration form

In addition you have to fill inn two abstracts in the Munin form:

  • A short abstract for the public. The text will be included in the University’s annual doctoral booklet, in the public announcement of the thesis and as a press release. You have to explain your project (including methods) and describe the potential for impact. Avoid jargon and try to make your work interesting and comprehensible for a general public. Max 1000 characters including spaces.

  • A short scientific abstract. A short abstract of your thesis, with a length of approx. 200-300 words, in the language of your choice.

You'll find the Munin submission form her.


Suggestion of the composition of the Evaluation Committee

Usually it is the supervisor who finds members for the evaluation committee. It is not your job to find the members. 

The leader of department has to sign the suggestion form before the form is sent to Section for Student and Academic Affaris. The suggestion form is sent either from the department through ePhorte, or by you/your supervisor as a signed PDF and in a Word-file to phd@helsefak.uit.no.

The following form must be used.

All committee members must evaluate their impartiality.

NB! The faculty will not appoint the committee before the submission in Munin is done.

Grounds are to be given for the composition of the committee and in particular grounds for any departures from the criteria. The account is to show how the committee as a whole covers the field(s) dealt with in the thesis. If there is no women in the committee there documentation must shown that women have been asked to join.

The composition of the committee must be such that (§27 PhD regulation):

  • Both genders are represented
  • At least one of the members is employed at the university
  • At least one of the members has no association with the university
  • At least one of the members does not have a primary affiliation with a Norwegian institution
  • All the members are holding a doctoral degree or equivalent
  • At least one member has competence at the level of professor or equivalent
  • The majority of the committee are external members
  • The majority of the committee are employed at institutions awarding the doctoral degree.

What happens after the submission

After the evaluation committee is appointed

The faculty will send the committee an e-mail with the thesis and other relevant information regarding their work with the evaluation. You and your supervisor get a copy of this e-mail. 

Date of the defence

It is the committees responsibility to find a date for the defence. The defence is normally to be held within four months after the committee receives the thesis. The leader of comiittee must consult with you and you supervisor in setting the date. The supervisor has often already agreed upon a tentative date with the committee before the committee is appointed. 

You'll find information regarding which auditorium that is used for the defence at this web site.

Errata list

You cannot correct typing errors or any mistakes after you have submitted your thesis. Typing errors and other mistakes can however be pointed out in a separate document attached to the thesis, titled "Errata" ("Erratum" if there is only one error). This document must be approved by the faculty before you can have it attached the thesis, and you have to apply within two months before the defence. The errata can only include formal errors, like typing errors in text or tables or other minor mistakes. You cannot include changes in the text's meaning. You send the errata as a complete list of errors with referance to page and line numbers to Section for Student and Academic Affairs.

The evaluation

You will receive the committees evaluation at least three weeks before the defence.

When can you send your thesis to print

You will get information regarding how to order the printing of your thesis with the e-mail informing you that your thesis is approved by the evaluation committee along with instructions for how to print your thesis. The Faculty of Health Sciences will cover the printing expenses.  You have to submit 7 copies of the thesis to Section for Student and Academic Affairs. They will be forewarded to the University Library.

You will get the ISBN-number for your thesis along with the evaluation. The Department of Community Medicine has their own number series. If you are affiliated with this department, cantact Gerd Sissel Furumo for ISBN-number. 

Trial lecture

You will receive the title of you trial lecture by e-mail 10 working days before the defence.

External defence

You can in some cases arrange your public defence outside our university campus. The application to arrange the defence outside university campus must comply with the Faculty's guidelines and be sent to phd@helsefak.uit.no.


When will you receive the certificate

It normally takes a couple of weeks before you receive your certificate. It can take a bit longer if you have your defence in late spring semester. 

If you have your address located in Tromsø you must collect the certificate at Infotorget.  If you do not live in Tromsø the certificate will be sent to you by mail (to the address registered in StudentWeb). It is your responsibility to inform us if you change your address before receiving your certificate.




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