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Bioimaging - IMB

The Bio-imaging Platform at IMB offers research services and
user training as well as access to state-of-the-art bio-imaging

Our primary focus is on confocol microscopy and flow
cytometry /cell sorting,but we also offer other technology.
Read more about our instruments (N - In norwegian)

The platform’s goal is to maintain and develop advanced
methods and to  be a resource for users from different fields
within biological and medical research.Read more about
use of the platform (N) in different projects at UiT.

As one of five nodes in the NorMIC network under FUGE-II,
the platform is jointly financed by UiT and the Research
Council of Norway. We offer services to users from both
academia (internal users) and private industry (external users).


Prices (per hour):

SP5 Kenneth2=150-x.jpg

Internal users

External users

Confocal microscopy

kr 120 kr 700
Cell sorting (FACS Aria III) kr 250 kr 700
Flow cytometry Fortessa kr 50 kr 100

Assisted use*

kr 500 kr 1000

*in addition to the price for the use of the instrument

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