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Prolongation of right to study and leave of absence

The agreement period and the right to study

The agreement period is the period you have the right to get supervision from your supervisors. The right to study is the same at the right to be admitted to a study programme and take ph.d.-courses without paying a semester fee. You retain the right to study for a period equivalent to two years effective study over and above the prescribed agreement period. You can take ph.d.-courses without paying semester fee, have access to the library services at UiT, access to you e-mail account at UiT, and access to other IT-systems at the university, as long as you retain the right to study.

The agreement period is equivalent to the period stated when you got admitted to the study programme. If you are granted leave of absence from the study the agreement period will be extended correspondingly to the leave.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence, such as pregnancy, illness etc. (PhD regulations, section 13) is automatically granted for PhD students, but must be documented before a new end date can be registered. Confirmation from NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation), a hospital, employer e.g. specifying the duration of the absence (and if so, percentage of working time during the period) must be sent to: phd@helsefak.uit.no

Academic, social or personal reasons for leave of absence

If you have other academic, social or personal reasons for leave of absence, you can apply filling in this form. This form only applies for PhD students who have external financing. It does not apply for research fellows employed at the Faculty of Health Sciences.  If you are employed as a research fellow here, you apply directly to the department where you are employed. 

Prolongation of right to study

If you do not finish your PhD during the original period (your agreement period + two years), you can apply for prolongation for a limited period (PhD regulations, section 12). You will be notified at least one semester before the expiry of the right to study.

The application must include information about the delay and a time schedule for completion and submission of the thesis. The Head of the Department must confirm the application by signing the application form.  Click here for the application form.

Please note that this application form only involves prolongation of the right to study, and not prolongation of research fellow positions and salary. To prolong your period as a research fellow, please contact your department, as this concerns your employment and not your studies.

Please send the application for prolongation of right to study to: phd@helsefak.uit.no

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