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Business Creation and Entrepreneurship

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Exciting research provides exciting results and often possible business ideas. Many good business ideas, however, remain good ideas. The transforming of research based business ideas into commercial successes requires a different knowledge and different properties than that required to be an outstanding researcher.

Master of Science in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship (BCE) at the University of Tromsø is a unique solution to this challenge. BCE is a unique model in the Norwegian context for educating entrepreneurs (students interested in launching new ventures) and intrapreneurs (those interested in helping companies be­come more innovative).

Students completing the program will have valuable expertise in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and general business opera­tions and strategy, particularly for
knowledge-based businesses.

Many students will remain focused on their projects as these business ideas develop into companies after the education. The experience of running their own company and the commercial potential of their projects make this the desired path for some students. Graduates may also move into roles in management consultancy firms and established companies, where they can use their skills and hands-on experience of project work, design thinking, and creativity and innovation to add great value to existing entities.




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