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PhD education

The Faculty of biosciences, fisheries and economics is a multidisciplinary faculty which offers researcher educations (PhD studies) within several disciplines. This includes economics and marketing at the The School of Business and Economics (HHT), several biology subjects at the Institute for Arctic and marine biology, and fisheries and aquaculture at the Norwegian college of fisheries science  

PhD programmes

The researcher education at the BFE-faculty is organised in two programmes; social sciences and natural sciences. Each program is divided into different fields of study.


Social sciences Natural sciences
  • Business administration 
  • Economics
  • Organization and management
  • Marketing 
  • Resource management
  • Biology
  • Biotechnolgy
  • Resource management


Work load

The PhD programme is 180 ECTS and can be completed in three years full time study. The thesis is 150 ECTS and can be a collection of articles or a monograph. The instructional Component is 30 ECTS.  




The objectives of the doctoral degree programmes at the BFE faculty is to qualify students for research activities at a high international level. The candidate shall complete advanced training in theory and methodology and acquire an independent and reflected attitude to research within the academic dicipline.



Please contact Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen, Rune Larsen or Lone Smelror for questions and comments regarding PhD studies at the BFE-faculty



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