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Instruction component

The PhD program consists of of two parts where the thesis comprises 150 study points and the instruction component comprises 30 study points, in total 180 study points.  What can be allowed in the  instruction component is regulated through UiT's PhD regulations and BFE-fak's supplementary provisions to these. Below you find the rules you need to act in accordance with to get your instruction component approved.


Course Level and other requirements

Courses in the instruction component must be on PhD level (8000-level) and the instruction component must contain training in philosophy of science and ethics. The instruction component comprises 30 credits, and at least 20 should be taken after admission. Courses and other activities in the instruction component should not be older than two years at the moment of admission.

Courses that are to be included in the instruction component must normally be either ordinary courses at the institution or special curriculum courses. The courses must have an evaluation using pass/fail or a graded scale (A-F). Courses in the latter category must be completed with the grade C or better for them to be approved as part of the instruction component.

The special syllabus in the instructional component may comprise a maximum of 15 credits and may consist of the following:

  • Literature-based curriculum. For scientific books or articles in natural science subjects approx. 40-50 pages are estimated per credit, and in social science subjects approx.60-80 pages per credit.
    • Literature-based curriculum (3 credits) will be evaluated through an oral exam.
    • Literature-based curriculum (4 - 6 credits) will be evaluated through an essay (4000 words) and an oral exam.
    • Literature-based curriculum (7 -15 credits) will be evaluated through an essay (4000 words), a lecture with an assigned title (30 min) and an oral exam.
  • Oral presentations at a scientific conference (up to 3 credits). The presentation must be documented by a copy of the presentation and the conference programme.
  • Preparation and presentation of a poster (up to 2 credits). The poster presentation shall be documented by a copy of the poster and the conference programme.
  • Other relevant activity if recommended by the supervisor

A maximum of 5 credits can be awarded for oral and poster presentations, and only one presentation and one poster will be approved.

National and international research courses evaluated by a relevant academic community with regard to level and scope may be used as part of the instruction component. Application for approval of research courses are addressed to the research committee. Approval requires:

  • The supervisor’s confirmation that the course is relevant.
  • Documentation of the teaching programme.  The level of the course must be specified. If the work load is not given in credits/ECTS:
    • An account of the number of hours used to complete the course must be attached. One credit is equivalent to 28-30 working hours and
    • Proof that documents completion of the course and that a knowledge test has been passed, e.g. exams, essay, poster, lecture or other means.

The instruction component must be such that it along with the thesis offers the necessary academic scope and depth.

Any changes in the instruction component must be recommended by the supervisors, and approved by the Research Committee.


Changes in the instrucution component

Any possible changes in the instruction component must be recommended by the supervisors and approved by the Research Committee.


Final approval of the instruction component

Before you submit your thesis for evaluation, you need a final approval of your instruction component. Although you  got an instruction component plan approved at the time you were admitted to the program, and you have accomplished all the courses according to this plan, you still need to apply for a final approval as soon as you have passed all courses. You do this simply by addressing an application to the Research Committee where you list which courses you want approved in good time before you plan to submit. Quite often there has been changes in the instruction component during the  PhD period and if so, you can apply for a change and a final approval at the same time.


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