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Requirements on the doctoral thesis

The PhD thesis shall be an independent piece of academic research that meets international standards of ethics, scholarship and methods in its field. At the BFE faculty more specific requirements are formulated as well, and these are outlined in the supplementary provisions which you find cited below.



Doctoral theses at the BFE Faculty should normally be written in English or Norwegian. If you wish to write in a different language, you must apply and have it approved by the Research Committee.


It is possible to write the thesis with another PhD student?

If two or more PhD students wish to collaborate and write a common doctoral thesis, it is a condition that the academic community recommends it.


Scientific quality

The thesis must be of high scientific quality with clear and concise research questions. Material and methods must be adequate and suitable. The results shall be verifiable and be able to be reproduced using same methodology. The use of figures, tables and illustrations must be appropriate, and the conclusions must be tenable. Sources must be suitable with regard to critical selection and evaluation. References to literature must be correct and appropriate. All text must be presented in a clear and concise manner, free of linguistic errors.


Scope of work

The scope of the doctoral thesis should be such that the degree may be obtained by a research effort equivalent to 2.5 man-years. The thesis must, independent of form, be at a level that may be accepted by international periodicals with "peer review" routines.  For a thesis in the form of collections of articles, at least one article ought to be published or accepted for publication. Normally, the collection of articles for the doctoral degree should consist of 2-4 articles and an introduction/summary that ties the individual articles and put them in context. The articles may have more than one author, but the PhD student should be the primary/first author of at least two articles and sole author of the introductory part.


Inroduction/summary part

In addition to the individual articles, the thesis should contain a presentation of the results and a detailed discussion. This collective presentation must be an independent scientific and up-to-date document in which the candidate has the opportunity to expand on and, if necessary, correct and/or adjust aspects written in the articles. It should demonstrate scientific perspective and maturity as well as an ability to comprehend advanced scientific issues.


Assignement template

The front cover of the doctoral thesis must be designed in correspondence with a template prepared by UiT the Arctic University of Norway. On this web page, an assigment template for the whole assignement is found as well.

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