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PhD courses at BFE-fak

BFE-fak offers several doctoral courses (8000 courses)  that are open for PhD students from UiT and other universities. Which courses that could be relevant in your construction component, you have to discuss with your supervisor. Maybe there are more relevant courses at other departments or at other universities? Below you will find information on how to register for classes and exams, registering deadlines, how you get a transcript of records and an overview of doctoral courses at BFE-fak.


How to apply for a seat on a PhD course at BFE-fak

PhD students enrolled at UiT the Arctic University of Norway register for classes in StudentWeb. Please note that you are not guaranteed a seat if the admission is restricted. On these courses you will get a message whether you've got a seat or not after the deadline for registering has expired.


Other applicants, as PhD students enrolled at other universities, employees at UiT or others have to apply as a singular course student  in Søknadsweb. You'll find a guidance for how to register an application in Søknadsweb here.



Singular course students 

Singular course students have to upload documentation of  their status as PhD students, or in case you are not a PhD student - your educational background. Confirmation of student status should be from your home student administration.  Confirmation from your supervisor or copy of award letter is not considered as valid documentation.

Those who can document that they are registered PhD students are extempted from paying the semester fee.



Deadlines for course registering

Deadlines for registering varies between courses, but you'll find further information about the prevailing deadline in the course description.



Who can get admission to the 8000 courses?

The following students get admission to 8000 courses, in order of priority:

  1. People admitted to a PhD programme at UiT
  2. Participants in the Associate Professor Program that fulfil the educational requirements
  3. Doctoral students from other universities. A confirmation letter from the home university must be enclosed.
  4. People who have a minimum master's degree or equivalent, who have not been admitted to a PhD programme. Confirmation of completed Master degree (diploma) must be enclosed.

If there are more applicants than available places, students will be given priority from the category 1 to 4. Please note that some courses may have additional admission requirements and / or priority keys. This would then be outlined in the course description.


Deadlines for registering to exam

Deadlines for registering to exam is  normally 1 February in the spring semester and 1 September in the autumn semester if other information is not given.


Transcript of records

Transcripts can be ordered via StudentWeb. The transcript will be sent by mail to your registered term address, so make sure to check/update your semester address before ordering the transcript. You may also get your transcript by contacting the UiT infosenter


Course overview

Below you will find an overview of the 8000-courses at the BFE Faculty. The courses are not held every semester and not necessarily in a regular interval. For further information about each course, please see the study catalouge. The course catalogue is published early March for autumn courses and early September for spring courses.


Courses at NFH:

Course Stp Course leader
SVF-8600  Philosophy of Science and Ethics 6 Peter Arbo
BIO-8514 Advanced ecological statistics 10 Raul Primicerio
BIO-8604 Marine bioprospecting and bioactive compounds for Health 5 Klara Stensvåg
BIO-8605 Introduction to Ecopath (EwE) with Ecosim ecosystem modelling 2 Marie-Anne Blanchet
BIO-8606 Basic and Applied Microalgae II 10 Hans-Christian Eilertsen 
FSK-8002 Scientific Writing 3 Andrea Gerecht
FSK-8005 Funding your Research 3 Charlotte Teresa Weber
GEN-8007 Coping with media 1 Andrea Gerecht
SOK-8005 Advanced Natural Resources Economics 10 Claire Armstrong
SOK-8006 Advanced Marine Environmental - and Fisheries Economics 5 Margrethe Aanesen
SOK-8008 Programming in Mathematica 10 Arne Eide


Courses at AMB:

Course Stp   Course leader
BIO-8005 Seminar: Molecular Environmental Biology in Microbes and Plants 5 Kirsten Krause
BIO-8011 Modelling in Systems Biology I - Metabolic pathway modelling 5 Ines Heiland
BIO-8012 Fish migration: Theory and Technology 5 Audun Rikardsen, Eva B. Thorstad
BIO-8014 Aquatic Animal Welfare 5 Even Jørgensen
BIO-8015 Arctic Marine Pollution 10 Sophie Bourgeon
BIO-8016 Northern Food Web Ecology 10 Rolf Anker Ims
BIO-8017 Biological Rythms 10    Gaby Wagner
BIO-8018 Environmental molecular Genetics 20 Mette Svenning, Laura Jakola
BIO-8019 The story and impact of Arctic marine science 2 Marit Reigstad
BIO-8020 Arctic Marine System Ecology and Climate Change 10 Ingrid Wiedmann
BIO-8021 Seminar: Applied bioinformatics 5 Ines Heimland
BIO-8022 Biological membranes and their proteins 5 Karstein Fischer
BIO-8023 Arctic Biodiversity and Systematics (TMU) 10 Galina Gusarova
BIO-8024 Northern Biodiversity Hotspots: Field Course in Skibotn (TMU) 5 Galina Gusarova
BIO-8025 Molecular identification for species diagnostics: from DNA Barcoding to Metabarcoding (TMU) 5 Galina Gusarova
BIO-8026 Arctic Ocean Funding 3 Lena Seuthe
BIO-8101 Functional genomics 5 Karsten Fischer
BIO-8105 Ecological methodology: Study design and statistical analysis 10 Nigel Yoccoz
BIO-8106 Northern Populations and Ecosystems 10 Rolf Anker Ims
BIO-8504 ARCTOS Colloquium 5 Paul Wassmann
BIO-8506 Evolution and Ecologically Driven Speciation 10 Colin Adams
BIO-8510 ARCTOS marine ecological research cruise Spitsbergen and Barents Sea 3 Jørgen Berge
BIO-8511 ARCTOS Marine ecological research cruise East Greenland 3 Jørgen Schou Christiansen
BIO-8515 - muligens kommer det et nytt kurs med denne koden    
BIO-8516 - Arctic Frontoers Phd student workshop I 4 Paul Wassmann
BIO-8517 - Arctic Frontoers Phd student workshop II 4 Paul Wassmann


Courses at HHT:

Course Stp Course leader
BED-8006 Sensory marketing 5 Svein Ottar Olsen
FSK-8003 Leadership skills 2 Andrea Gerecht
SOK-8007 Linear algebra multivariate calculus 10 Arild Wikan
SOK-8020 Econometrics 10 Øystein Myrland
SOK-8009 Models for Market Analysis 10  Jinghua Xie




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