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Leave of abscense and right of study

As a research fellow you are both a student and an employee. As a PhD student you will be allocated a study right that provides you the right to take doctoral courses, receive supervision, to have office accomodation and more. This is important to have in mind if you for some reasons get delayed and do not manage to finish before the conditions of employment is terminated. To keep track with your study right, it is important that you inform us about your leaves of absence and eventually need for study right prolongation.


Right to study

A person who has accepted the offer of a study place retains the right to study for a period equivalent to two years’ effective study over and above the prescribed time. Students who are at risk of losing their right to study in accordance with this rule are to receive notification of this no later than one semester before the right to study expires. 

Provided that the head of institute has been informed about deviations in the time schedule and the PhD student is unable to complete the education within two years in excess of the normal time frame, the candidate may apply for an extension of the right to study. The application must contain an explanation for the delay and a schedule for the completion of the degree. Both candidate and supervisors must sign the application.


Leave of absence

A PhD student who has a child, is entitled to maternity leave during the pregnancy and to care for
their baby (parental leave), cf. section 4-5 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges.
Leave of absence is also granted for PhD students that must serve compulsory military service.

Doctoral fellows granted leaves of absence from their position automatically receive the equivalent
leave(s) of absence from their study.

The candidate must apply for a leave of absence and report any break in the studies as soon as possible so that this may be registered on the candidate's time account. The report is to be sent to the institute, who will forward it to the Section for research, education and outreach.

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