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Submission of PhD thesis at the BFE Faculty

When submitting your PhD thesis, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Below you will find information on how to proceed when submitting and later printing your thesis. You will also find information about the possibility to correct errors you discover after submission.



Please note that you need a final approvement of your instruction component before you are allowed to submit your thesis. If you have not done so yet, please write a short application containing a list of the courses you want to get approved and send it to ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no. If there has been a change in your instruction component since last time you had it approved you also need a recommendation about the new instruction component from your supervisor.

Doctoral theses at the BFE Faculty have to be submitted through UiT's dissemination portal, Munin. Procedure.

NB! Submission through Munin is demanded, which means the thesis will not be sent to the committee before it is submitted in Munin.

When the thesis is submitted in Munin, you still need to send the follwing documents to the BFE Faculty:

  • Recommendation from your supervisor that your thesis is ready to be evaluated
  • A copy of the “Acknowledgements”
  • A copy of the front page of each article in the doctoral thesis
  • Co-author statements
  • Latest version of the project description updated in connection with the mid-term evaluation


Withdrawal and correction of errors

A submitted thesis can not be withdrawed before it is finally decided whether it is found worthy to be defended. However, you may apply to get formal errors corrected after submission. In that case a complete list of all errors (errata) you want to correct must be enclosed. The application must be delivered four weeks before the committe's evaluation deadline and you are only allowed to apply once.



As soon as the thesis is found worthy of public defence, you can initiate the printing:

  • Please use the university's template for front page
  • The printing company requires 3 weeks to print your thesis, so it will be wise to contact Tore Haukås, phone 776 46134, or Tove Løvstad, phone 776 46040, as soon as possible after you have got the thesis approved.
  • Normally the BFE Faculty will pay for 60-70 copies.
  • You will need an ISBN number and you will get one sent to you.
  • Of the printed thesis, 10 copies must be delivered to the BFE Faculty for distribution to the libraries.


Communicating your PhD

BFE-fak wants to make research visible and we would be happy to communicate the results from your PhD. We ask you kindly til fill out "Mal for formidling av doktorgrader" and send it by email to ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no at the latest one week before the disputation. The submitted text will be communicated on BFE-faks web pages shortly after your disputation. 


If you have further questions concerning the practical circumstances regarding submission and disputation, please contact ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no

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