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Evaluation of the thesis

At the time you submit your thesis, the composition of the evaluation committee should normally be clarified. It is your supervisor's responsibility to find a committee for you. The committee consists of three members;  1 opponent, 2 opponent and an internal member. The internal member is usually the leader of the committee . You will get the opportunity to comment on the composition before it is appointed.

The committee is given a deadline within three months to write an evaluation report. The report will conclude about:

  • the thesis is found worthy of defence as it is
  • the thesis has minor defects which must be corrected before the thesis is found worthy of defence. The extent of these defects should not be more significant than they can be revised within three months. The revised version of the thesis will be evaluated by the original committee, and a new deadline will be set for the final evaluation report.
  • the thesis has so significant defects that it cannot be recommended to defend it. In that case, the thesis can be re-submitted for a new evaluation, but only once and not before six months after the decision is made.

The report will be sent to you, and you will get the opportunity to make comments on it before the faculty makes a decision whether the recommendation is approved or not. You will be informed as soon as the decision is made.

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