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Trial lecture

When your thesis is approved and made public (in Munin), you are ready for the doctoral trial. The trial consists of two parts: the trial lecture and the disputation. The trial lecture is a separate part of the doctoral trial and shall test your ability to acquire new knowledge beyond the topic of the thesis as well as the ability to disseminate this knowledge in a 45 min lecture. It is usually held on the same day, or the day prior to the defense.

The evaluation committee will appoint the topic of the trial lecture and he topic is forwarded to you 10 working days before it is to be held.


Requirements and expectations

The topic shall be different than the topic of the thesis and the lecture ought to be at a level where it can be followed and understood by bachelor students within the field of study.


Evaluation and approval   

Both the scientific content and the ability to disseminate this information form the basis for evaluation of the lecture. It is evaluated by the doctoral evaluation committee which make a recommendation to the faculty. The faculty decides whether the trial lecture can be approved or not.

If the lecture is not approved, a new trial lecture with a different topic must be held as soon as possible and at the latest within six months.  


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