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Mobility grant at the BFE-faculty

Twice a year the faculty announces calls for PhD mobility grants. The grant is for PhD students funded by the university and PhD students funded by sources that do not provide support for research stays abroad.  Annualy, approximately NOK 500.000 is distributed amongst applicants.

The grant is intended for research stays abroad of 2-6 months duration. The grant shall cover additional personal costs, e.g. travel costs, accomodation and other costs associcated with the stay. The Norwegian Research Council's rates of imbursement apply when calculating grant size. Please contact forskning@bfe.uit.no for questions concerning the mobility grant. 

Next application deadline is in October 15, 2019.


Who can apply?

The grant can only be awarded once during the PhD program. It is recommneded that the stay abroad is carried out in the second or third year of study. The following groups of PhD students are prioritized:

  1. UiT funded PhD students at the BFE-faculty
  2. PhD students funded by sources that do not provide financial support for researcher mobility

The applicants must be affiliated with UiT the Arctic University of Norway and be admitted to a PhD program at the BFE-faculty. According to current guidelines, PhDs funded by the Norwegian Research Council and other externally funded PhDs may not be eligeble for this grant.


Application requirements

The application shall be written on standard form. Include the following aspects in the application:

  • Description of the purpose of the stay and relevance for the doctoral project
  • A plan for the stay
  • Budget and funding plan

In addition to the applicaiton form, the following documents must be attached:

  • An invitation letter from the foreign host institution
  • A recommendation letter from the main supervisor


Submit the application form and attachments by e-mail to forskning@bfe.uit.no



The research committee at the BFE-faculty is the body that evaluates and award the grants, and their decision is forwarded to applicants within 2-4 weeks after the deadline. The research committee has the right to deny and/or reduce grant size if requested funding surpass available funds.


Reporting and financial settlement

Standard settlement form (only in Norwegian) shall be used to calculate the costs of the stay abroad. Travel bills (reiseregning) should not be used.

Grant recipients are required to submit a brief scientific report after the mobility period is done. Describe the scientific outcome of the stay and if there are plans to continue the collaboration with the host institution. Include duration of the stay and name of the host institution. The report form in the right hand column may be used.

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