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The Student Information Desk - UiT

The Student Information Desk is located in the Culture and Social Sciences Library at Campus Breivika in Tromsø. On this page you will find an overview of The Student Information Desk's opening hours, and the services we provide.


The Student Information Desk provides the following services:

  • We issue student cards (more information below)
  • We issue transcript of records (more information below)
  • We issue confirmations of enrollment
  • We can help you with your admission application
  • We can help you with the semester registration
  • We loan out computers for electronic exams
  • General information

Regarding student cards

The Student Information Desk issues student cards, and replaces lost student cards. If your card is not working properly, you can bring it to us, and we will fix it, or replace it. We are not able to check which buildings you have access to, and we cannot grant you access to additional buildings.

Which buildings and doors do you have access to?

Most students are issued a card that grants them access to a set of buildings/doors that are standard for their study program. If you want to know which buildings you have access to, you need to contact adgangskort@uit.no. If you do not have the access you are supposed to have, you can send an e-mail to idkort, and they will grant you standard access. If you need access to buildings that are not part of your standard access, you need to contact your student advisor.

How do you know whether or not you have access?

If the light in the lock is red when you swipe your card, or the lock tells you 'access denied' or 'ingen tilgang', this means that you do not have access to the door you are trying to unlock. If nothing happens when you swipe your card, or hold it up to the lock, you card does not work. If your card does not work, please bring it to The Student Information Desk.

Have you forgotten your PIN code?

Log in to adgangskort.uit.no. Here you can find, and change, your PIN code. adgangskort.uit.no is only available from UiTs network.

How do you use the card for printing?

You will find all the information you need on PullPrint here.

Regarding transcripts of records, and diplomas

The Student Information Desk issues transcripts of records. We do not issue diplomas.

How to order a transcript of records

Log in to the StudentWeb. Click 'results' in the top menu. Go to the bottom of the page and click 'Order transcript'.

If you want to have the transcript sent to a different address than the ones listed, you will have to change your semester address in your profile. Click your name in the upper right hand corner, and click 'Profile'. Change your semester address and save changes.

What is a transcript of records?

A transcript of records is a signed and stamped list of all the courses you have completed at UiT, including grades and the number of credits.

A transcript of records can not be used to document that you have obtained a degree.

What is a diploma?

A diploma is a document proving that you have completed a degree; you will only be issued one diploma per degree.

As of the spring semester of 2015, diplomas are issued automatically upon completion of your study program. If you do not wish for the diploma to be issued automatically, you will have to contact the administration at your faculty.

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We are located on the ground floor of the Culture and social sciences library: map.


Opening hours




Phone hours

Monday-Friday: 11.00-13.00


Tel: 776 44300

E-mail: studieinfo@uit.no