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The education plan and semester registration in StudentWeb

Register for the semester

You have to register for the semester in StudentWeb each semester. To the right you will find a user manual how to register. If the information in the "ph.d." tab is wrong, contact Section for Student and Academic Affairs.

Education plan

You add and register for courses you wish to take in your education plan. The education plan includes the thesis, trial lecture and the mandatory courses.

Move courses to another semester

You can move elements in your education plan if you wish to take the course another semeter than originally planned. If you wish to move elements from an earlier semester you have to click on "Show earlier semesters" and choose the semester you originally planned to take the course. You cannot move the thesis. Send us an e-mail if you wish to move it.

Elective courses

You can register for elective courses in you education plan. If you wish to take a course at UiT that is not present in the list, you'll have to send us an e-mail.

Register for courses

Remember that you must register for both classes and the exam on courses that have no limited capacity.  The message "Application for exams for this course will be possible starting xx.xx.xxxx" will pop up in sted of exam registration at the courses with limited capacity of students. Click on the button "Finalize", and you will get an e-mail after September 1st/February 1st regarding if you got admission to the course or not.

Regarding HEL-8004 General and Scientific Research Communication you'll have to choose which version of the course you wish to take, English or Norwegian. Code HEL-8004-no is in norwegian and HEL-8004-en is in english.

Cancellation of registration for examination

You can cancel your exam registration until 14 days before the exam, if the exam is held before November 14th/April 29th. For exams held after these dates, the cancellation deadline is November 1st/April 15th. You will find information how to cancel your exam in the user manual.



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