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Instruments and IT resources


At UiT there are a whole range of instruments used both in laboratories and at expeditions /  filed work. Many of these are, or may be, connected to computer equipment that controls the instruments and/or receives data from them.

Connecting computer equipment and instruments are both necessary, desirable and appropriate, but it can also lead to technical challenges and security problems. A greater focus on issues related to this is therefore desirable, and the Department of Information Services wants to establish contact with those who already have such solutions up and running, and those planning to set up new solutions.

Please contact us and we will see what we can offer you.

Orakelet is our point of contact.  They will route your request to us.  The address is in the right side menu.

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  • Safety
  • Dedicated networks between instruments and IT solutions
  • Storage of data from instruments
  • Handling of data from expeditions / field work

Resources for educational services:

Contact: orakel@uit.no