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GENI Elective Courses

Information about the elective courses for the GENI program.

GENI Program elective requirements have been revised for the 2019 year.

Revised requirements (students starting in 2019): Students are obliged to complete 5 ECTS of elective credits, either selected from the list below or other courses with approval from the GENI coordinators.

Original requirements (all previous cohorts): Students must complete 30 ECTS of elective credits (Group A & B). Group A electives include JUR-3621 (Indigenous Peoples rights to land, resources and livelihood course - 10 ECTS) or INDG 810 (Aboriginal Self-Determination Through Mitho-Pimachesowin, USask - 7.5 ECTS). Only the former is available to students based in Europe. Students must also complete Group B electives from the list below or other courses with approval from the GENI coordinators.

UiT Approved GENI electives:  

Potentially acceptable, if connected to your thesis: 


Uof S  Approved GENI electives:  


  • JSGS 806.3 Public Policy Analysis (web based) – Currently full, but requests can be made by a few students to the instructor to be added.  

Focuses on the analysis of the processes whereby public policies arise and are enacted in Canada. The course compares theories and models of policy making and decision making to illustrate the special requirements of the Canadian environment and examines the roles of various participants in the policy process: legislators, political parties, interest groups, administrators and administrative structures, citizens, and the judiciary.  


  • JSGS 868.3 Resource and Environmental Policy with Jeremy Rayner 

Thursdays 5:30 PM - 8:20 PM (WebEx Link course section and CRN forthcoming) 

An examination of recent trends in resource and environmental policy. The course will focus on policy processes in the context of the growing integration of resource and environmental policies, multi-level governance, and civil society engagement.  


  • ENVS 898.3 Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Transitions with Greg Poelzer  

Offered occasionally by visiting faculty and in other special situations. Students interested in these courses should contact the school for more information. 

On campus course  Wednesdays 6-8:50 PM 


  • EN313E HIGH NORTH DIALOGUE: International perspectives on business and governance in the High North (7,5 ECTS/3 North American credit units) delivered by Nord University intensively between April 1-5, 2019.